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Martin Currie Australia (formerly Legg Mason Australian Equities) is an Australian equities fund manager offering a focused range of specialist investment strategies to institutional, intermediated and private investors.

Following the announcement to the New York Stock Exchange in July 2014 regarding the acquisition of Martin Currie by Legg Mason, Martin Currie Australia is now delighted to be part of a global active equity specialist firm. This is an exciting and positive development as we combine our resources and know-how to deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Latest news

  Legg Mason acquires Martin Currie   
The Legg Mason Australian Equities team will become part of Martin Currie.

  Investment perspective: Rethinking portfolios for retirement    
Back in 1964 Bob Dylan famously penned 'The Times They Are a-Changin' as an anthem of change for the moment. Intended then as a feeling rather than a statement, in many ways his words are as appropriate today as ever; particularly as Australia’s baby boomers begin to move into the next stage of their life cycle.

  Perspective: Why Australian shares remain attractive   
Despite concern over ballooning US and European sovereign debt, Australian shares still remain comparatively attractive.

  Client update: Principles for responsible investment   
Martin Currie Australia is pleased to announce that it is a signatory to the United Nations-supported principles for responsible investment (UNPRI). 

  Fund highlights: Equity income   
Learn how the Legg Mason Australian Equity Income Fund is designed to meet retiree needs and deliver sustainable income. 

  Fund highlights: Real income   
Find out how this investment solution delivers results in line with inflation from a unique combination of assets that includes listed property, infrastructure and utilities. 

  Small companies: Small on size, hot on opportunity
Six reasons why the Legg Mason Australian Small Companies Trust is a hot opportunity for investors.

  White paper (value): A compelling investment opportunity
Chief investment officer Reece Birtles
considers how the dramatic movement of valuation spreads has created a compelling opportunity for investors.

  White paper (core): Quantitative pitfalls, quantamental solutions
Portfolio Manager Matthew Lambert describes the potential problems associated with pure quantitative strategies and possible advantages that fundamental insights can provide.

  White paper (property securities): The wisdom of an A-REIT angler
Portfolio manager Ashton Reid examines
 the case for a dedicated allocation to A-REITs and questions the merit of global-only property exposure in balanced portfolios.

What we do

Martin Currie Australia is dedicated to delivering investment expertise for its clients. A key benefit of being part of a global asset management firm is that non-investment tasks such as product management, sales, compliance, marketing and client service are managed by the parent entity, Legg Mason, Inc. This allows our 14-person investment team to focus on delivering investment performance and wealth creation to clients.

The business now known as Martin Currie Australia has a history that dates back to 1954, when the merchant bank, Australia United Corporation, launched its balanced fund to Australian investors. Since then, the business has developed under various world-class brands, including JP Morgan, Citigroup and Legg Mason. The multiple-brand history is a positive and differentiating part of the firm’s fabric; Martin Currie Australia has been exposed, like few other fund managers, to a wide range of insights from different cultures and business models.

What are the key principles of our investment approach?

Our six investment strategies adhere to a common set of principles.

We seek to:

  • Generate unique and differentiated sources of outperformance (alpha).
  • Exploit stockmarket anomalies more swiftly than our competitors.
  • Create repeatable processes that help us to avoid behavioural finance pitfalls.
  • Create the right motivational environment for the investment team.
  • Consider environmental, social and governance factors in investment decision making.

Competitive advantages can make the difference

In an asset class with a comprehensive choice of fund managers, Martin Currie Australia distinguishes itself with a range of competitive advantages that benefit clients, including:

  • Many investment team members have enriched industry-sector experience and can provide the ‘on-the-ground’ insights that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
  • Our investment team has a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative skill sets that balance our investment decision-making, as well as technical backgrounds that add value.
  • We have a boutique investment approach, backed by a global parent company that knows fund management. Our structure avoids the challenges of operating a business that can hinder other stand-alone firms.
  • Investment team compensation and personal wealth is invested in the same funds as our clients, so we feel the impact of negative performance but also share in the upside.

Our clients

We have a proud history of investing on behalf of Australian and international clients. Our client list includes government agencies; domestic and international institutions; dealer groups; family offices; charities; and retail platforms. Client loyalty, which is not often highlighted in the investment industry, is not easily acquired; it's typically earned through hard work and consistent investment performance over many years.

Martin Currie Australia is a division of Legg Mason Asset Management Australia Limited, whose ultimate company is Legg Mason, Inc.

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