How we invest

Our high-conviction, active management is driven by the rigour of our distinctive and repeatable research process.

A collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to research, drawing on the knowledge of colleagues from across the investment floor, enables us to identify and evaluate the mispricing of individual stocks – specifically for those companies that we believe will offer sustainable, long-term growth. This in-house research is always complemented by local market research, lateral industry insights, and company meetings.

Of course, this is not a process in isolation. It is interwoven with a strong valuation discipline based on the forecasting of normalised earnings power, as well as risk, to determine a company’s fair value.

ESG analysis and active ownership are also fully embedded into our investment process. This allows Martin Currie to engage with investee companies in order to better understand what motivates them and the mechanisms in place for decision-making.

Overlaying all of this is an independent and dynamic risk function that informs an optimum risk allocation. All portfolios are continuously monitored for correlated, unintended and excessive risk. When market conditions change, the investment risk team provides our portfolio managers with experienced interpretation of risk models to quantify the likely impact. As such, we think of our independent risk team as being the representative of our clients within the firm.