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View [How to keep cool in the current markets] STS Telegraph Keeping Cool Abstract

How to keep cool in the current markets

by Mark Whitehead

The impact of the coronavirus is undoubtedly globally significant and it’s incredibly unusual to have such an impactful shock on supply and demand at the same time.

24 March 2020
View [Struggle for oil market supremacy] USA Oil rig in Desert

Struggle for oil market supremacy

by Kim Catechis

The confrontation is being billed as Saudi versus Russia, but they both want to knock out a common irritant: US shale oil producers, who they feel have had a free ride (with free money) while the two heavyweights have taken the pain of price stabilisation.

11 March 2020
View [Today pain, tomorrow gain] Euro COVID-19 - woman with mask

Today pain, tomorrow gain

by Michael Browne

A short sharp shock to the economy that is broadly over by Easter. The presumption is that European authorities are able to contain the virus via quarantine restrictions thus reducing the spread and mortality as the weather improves.

9 March 2020
View [COVID-19: are we ready] Behind the Headlines COVID-19 woman wearing mask

COVID-19: are we ready

by Kim Catechis

COVID-19 is now present in every continent and the rate of confirmation of new cases is accelerating, with new epicentres in South Korea, Iran and Italy...

5 March 2020
View [Death and Taxes] Behind the Headlines - white figures casting long shadows

Death and Taxes

by Kim Catechis

In most countries, populations are getting older and living longer, with clearly increasingly onerous implications for the corresponding expenses (healthcare, pensions and social benefits/care)...

24 February 2020
View [Insurance in Emerging Markets] Insurance In Emerging Markets Abstract

Insurance in Emerging Markets

by Paul Sloane

Under-penetration in financial services, rising wealth levels, and an increasing agenda of financial inclusion all support a strong growth trajectory for insurance across emerging markets. Combined with the rapid adoption of technology, we see this market evolving at pace and presenting a significant opportunity for investors.

2 February 2020