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View [Profit with purpose] ESG challenges for investing in the modern age

Profit with purpose

by David Sheasby

August 2019 may go down as a watershed moment in corporate America – with the long-held concept of shareholder primacy abandoned in favour of broader stakeholder accountability.

18 September 2019
View [ESG challenges for investing in the modern age] ESG Challenges for investing in the modern age

ESG challenges for investing in the modern age

by Will Baylis

In this modern age of climate change and the ‘me-too’ movement, Environmental and Social factors have become increasingly important investment risk factors to consider. For our analysts, they have also been important discussion points with Australian companies during the August 2019 reporting season.

18 September 2019
View [The transition from coal to renewable energy] MCATransitionAbstract

The transition from coal to renewable energy

by Will Baylis

In the Australian market, we see the transition from coal to renewable energy as well under way, and we are happy to help our clients be a part of this evolution towards a cleaner, lower carbon future.

4 July 2019
View [Pressure on plastic] PressureonPlasticFeaturenew

Pressure on plastic

by Mark Whitehead

How are companies incorporating the ‘circular economy’ into their business models to cut out waste?

1 July 2019
View [The "Greenification" of China] ChinaGreenificationAbstract1

The "Greenification" of China

by Daniel Fitzgerald

As China continues to develop, environmental issues are increasingly front and centre in what is described in the country as a “war” against pollution.

5 June 2019
View [The power of proxy voting] ESGProxyVotingAbstract

The power of proxy voting

by David Sheasby

Proxy voting season is currently in full swing in Europe, US and parts of Asia, with several key themes emerging

27 May 2019
View [Big in Japan] ESGBiginJapanAbstract2

Big in Japan

by David Sheasby

ESG is an increasingly prominent theme in the Japanese investment world, fund managers are acutely aware of the importance of their stewardship duties.

29 April 2019
View [Climate change - Identifying opportunity] IncomeClimateChangeAbstract

Climate change - Identifying opportunity

by Mark Whitehead

Within the next 30 years, global temperatures will be higher than human beings have ever experienced. Every investment decision now needs to account for the effects of climate-related change.

29 April 2019