Second-half year outlooks 2019

Our portfolio managers look at what's in store for the remainder of 2019.

4 September 2019

Asia Outlook

Second-half outlooks - Asia

Andrew Graham asks if a global policy change is imminent and shares his views for the rest of the year.

Asia Second- half year Outlook 2019

Global Emerging Markets Outlook

Second-half outlooks - Global Emerging Markets

Alastair Reynolds talks about the opportunities in emerging markets for the rest of 2019.

Global Emerging Markets Second- half year Outlook 2019

Global Equity Income Outlook

Second-half outlooks - Global Equity Income

Mark Whitehead explains why Europe is presenting some interesting opportunities for income investors.

Global Equity Income Second- half year Outlook 2019

Long-Term Unconstrained Outlook

Second-half outlooks - Long-Term Unconstrained

Zehrid Osmani shares his thoughts on which businesses will thrive in 2019 and beyond.

Long-Term Unconstrained Second- half year Outlook 2019