Global Emerging Markets Strategy now available as Active ETF on ASX

12 June 2019

We are delighted to announce the launch of the BetaShares Legg Mason Emerging Markets Fund (managed fund) (ASX: EMMG), the first global equity Active ETF created from the strategic partnership between Legg Mason and BetaShares. The actively managed fund is now available for investing via the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and aims to provide investors with access to the superior growth potential emerging markets can offer.

The Fund will be managed by Legg Mason affiliate Martin Currie, which has been managing dedicated emerging markets portfolios since 1991. Martin Currie manages a single Global Emerging Markets strategy which is also available to investors via segregated accounts and the Legg Mason Martin Currie Emerging Markets Fund, an Australian Unit Trust vehicle launched in September 2011.

Alastair Reynolds, Portfolio Manager, Global Emerging Markets, says:

“The opportunity in emerging markets is underpinned by strong secular trends. Rapid economic development is being driven by young and growing populations, rising levels of education, disruptive technologies and innovation. Our high-conviction, active approach means we are strongly positioned to identify the companies capitalising on these trends”.

In launching their first global equity Active ETF, Legg Mason Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Andy Sowerby, says:

“Investors continue to grow their international investments as they seek new opportunities and diversify portfolios. In the ETF market (passive and active), global equities have been the dominant asset class in recent times and, with the launch of EMMG, we bring a new option managed by Martin Currie, an experienced and proven investment team”.

More information on the Global Emerging Equities strategy

As part of the Legg Mason and BetaShares Active ETF strategic partnership, the BetaShares Legg Mason Equity Income Fund (managed fund) (ASX: EINC) and the BetaShares Legg Mason Real Income Fund (managed fund) (ASX: EINC) are also available. These Active ETFs provide access to the Martin Currie Australia Equity Income and Real Income strategies.