PRI Award 'A+' rating for Governance and Sustainability

We are delighted to announce the news that the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) have awarded us ‘A+’ for our approach to Governance and Sustainability for the second year running.

6 July 2016

As signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we have committed to report on our activities in relation to responsible investing each year. We are delighted to announce the news that the PRI have awarded us an ‘A+’ (highest performance band) for our Governance and Sustainability strategy.

This includes our overall approach, policies, objectives and targets, resources allocated to responsible investment and our approach to collaboration on responsible investment and public policy-related issues. Less than 20% of the 1,061 PRI signatories achieved ‘A+’ in the strategy and governance module - an extremely encouraging result from which we can continue to build on our capabilities and expertise.

Working to their performance scale of ‘E’ (lowest performance band) to ‘A+’ (highest performance band) - the PRI also awarded an ‘A+’ for our incorporation of responsible investment methods, an improvement on last year’s ‘A’ rating. We maintained our ‘A’ rating for overall approach to active ownership which covers engagement and proxy voting.

Governance and sustainability report

'A+' Award for Governance and Sustainability

As part of our continuing commitment to transparency and progress, we are also very pleased to share our Governance and Sustainability report at this time. The report has been designed to give an overview of our approach, activities and outlook on key themes.

Download our Governance and Sustainability report

A copy of the PRI Assessment for Martin Currie is available upon request. The PRI Transparency Report and Assessment Methodology are available to download from