Real Income Fund wins 'Income Focused' category at 2020 Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards

The Legg Mason Martin Currie Real Income Fund was named winner of the 2020 ‘Australian Equities Income Focused’ category at the annual Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards at a ceremony held on 18 February in Sydney, Australia. The Real Income Fund was also a Finalist in the Infrastructure category.

11 March 2020

The Investment Leadership Awards recognise Australian investment managers that have proven to consistently add value to investors through sustained investment performance over the short, medium and long term.

The awards span 22 categories across six major asset class sectors, and were determined by analysis of investment performance versus peers and a range of important risk measures.

Martin Currie Australia Portfolio Manager, Ashton Reid said:

“We are very proud that our strategy has been acknowledged in the income focused category by the Investment Leadership Awards because the strategy was specifically designed to provide clients with a growing and sustainable income.”

“The key reason for outperformance of our Fund over the short, medium and long term comes down to our unique income-focused portfolio design. The strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of quality ASX-listed Real Asset securities (such as REITs, infrastructure and utilities), focussing on assets that are driven by Australia’s very strong demographic trends rather than trade or cyclical business cycle driven growth.

“Australia’s population is growing significantly, urbanisation trends are leading city-based population growth, and infrastructure spend is increasing. Real Assets have unique leverage to these demographic themes, and can provide a stable and dependable income that few other asset classes can match."

“The low correlation to the business cycle, and the dividend stability of real assets have helped the Fund deliver that steady, low volatility income stream for clients.”

Winner 2020 Australian Equities Income Focused