The next steps

So what next?

We have approached this inaugural CSR report by judging ourselves as we have judged the companies we invest in.

We are proud of our achievements this year: recognition of our stewardship activity, the further development of our learning culture and our hugely successful Challenge Programme have made a real difference to people’s lives both

We want to build on what we have achieved, and in so doing help achieve better outcomes for our local communities and further afield.

We want to build on what we have achieved, and in so doing help achieve better outcomes for clients. But we know there is so much more to do. Among our highest priorities is the work on diversity. We have made a significant step this year towards improving cognitive and social diversity across the business and we look forward to seeing the recommendations of our individual work groups and the first actions which result from them in 2018/19. The work which is currently underway is by no means a short-term fix, many of the impacts will not be felt for some time, but should ultimately lead to an improved diversity profile for the business.

In terms of stewardship activity, we will continue to evolve our leading approach and aim to maintain our A+ rating with the PRI.  As well as our own engagement programme we will continue to take part in collaborative engagements. As mentioned in the introduction, we are further exploring the significance of the UN SDG frameworks and how these can be best used as a tool to improve our company engagement.

From our charitable ventures, on the back of the Challenge Programme in Peru, which surpassed all expectations, we are looking to expand and improve the work of MCCF and look forward to reporting on a revitalised Rob Roy in next year’s CSR report.

We aim to maintain and build on our learning culture, and increase engagement with staff to harness their energy and enthusiasm for what we do.

Our objectives for 2018/19

  • Continue to evolve how we approach ESG in our investment process and maintain our A+ PRI rating.
  • Develop our knowledge, and integration of the UN SDG frameworks into our company engagement and reporting.
  • Take forward recommendations and implement first stages of multi-year diversity programme
  • Enhance our ‘risk scorecard’ and reporting.
  • Reinvigorate our volunteering approach and expand on fundraising activities through the Rob Roy Challenge and through MCCF.

CSR report future

Our CSR working group in the early stages of discussions for the 2018 report