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View [Veganism: The Next Sustainability Frontier] ESG Veganism

Veganism: The Next Sustainability Frontier

by David Sheasby

Veganism is going mainstream. Backed by A-list celebrities and global marketing campaigns, demand for meat-free food has increased rapidly over the last few years.

18 February 2019
View [Back in the Game] NetEase-Tencent

Back in the Game

by Colin Dishington

China’s largest gaming giants have finally been allowed to release new titles to domestic audiences but stricter rules are good for the industry’s long-term growth.

11 February 2019
View [5G closing gap on fixed line broadband] 5G is coming, and closing the gap on fixed-line broadband

5G closing gap on fixed line broadband

by Patrick Potts

It’s regarded as the future of mobile, but a recent research trip to the US drove home that 5G is also going to be one of the biggest themes this year.

4 February 2019
View [Slowing 'Fast Fashion'] Fast Fashion

Slowing 'Fast Fashion'

by David Sheasby

World clothing production has almost doubled in the last 15 years, but the growth has come at a significant cost and there is now increasing awareness of its outsized environmental and societal impacts.

21 January 2019
View [End of Goldilocks period for US banks?] Europe's Goldilocks period

End of Goldilocks period for US banks?

by Mark Whitehead

The US banks have been an excellent place for income investors to be over the last three years but what has become clear in recent months is this is probably as good as it gets.

14 January 2019
View [Is it a bank - or a tech firm?] Bank or tech

Is it a bank - or a tech firm?

by Paul Sloane

The disruptive impact of new technology on financials is impossible to ignore and firms are wanting to play up their tech credentials to show they are not being left behind.

4 January 2019
View [Searching for USA's "R star"] Unobservable neutral real rate of interest

Searching for USA's "R star"

by Reece Birtles

‘R-star’ is the biggest issue for financial markets right now, more important than trade wars and diverging major economy growth.

3 December 2018