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View [Podcast: Managing emerging market volatility] Emerging market volatility

Podcast: Managing emerging market volatility

by Paul Sloane

Portfolio Manager, Paul Sloane, explains what’s been happening in emerging markets and how having a balanced portfolio acts as a major noise reduction tool.

2 April 2020
View [Insurance in Emerging Markets] Insurance In Emerging Markets Abstract

Insurance in Emerging Markets

by Paul Sloane

Under-penetration in financial services, rising wealth levels, and an increasing agenda of financial inclusion all support a strong growth trajectory for insurance across emerging markets. Combined with the rapid adoption of technology, we see this market evolving at pace and presenting a significant opportunity for investors.

2 February 2020
View [At the heart of disruption in Latin America] Disruption in Latin America

At the heart of disruption in Latin America

by Colin Dishington, Paul Desoisa

Innovation and technological disruption runs deep in emerging markets – a fact reinforced by our recent research trip to Latin America. We found examples confirming not only the rapid pace of disruption but the unexpected areas of the economy it is taking place.

8 May 2019
View [Getting to grips with India’s financial ecosystem] Mumbai is updating

Getting to grips with India’s financial ecosystem

by Paul Sloane

The long-term outlook for Indian financial services is very strong. Paul Sloane reports back from Mumbai on the growth prospects for companies involved in this sector.

18 April 2019
View [Growth of the online gaming sector ] Divya Mathur on TDAmeritrade - Gaming outlook

Growth of the online gaming sector

by Divya Mathur

Divya Mathur, Portfolio Manager, Global Emerging Markets talks to TD Ameritrade about the growth of the online gaming sector and the opportunities for stock-focused investor.

17 April 2019
View [Three key themes in Emerging Markets] Abstractphone1

Three key themes in Emerging Markets

by Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds shares his thoughts on three important areas which are shaping investment in emerging markets.

2 April 2019