Key facts

Generating long-term outperformance with lower volatility is our goal. Undertaking macro analysis provides a strategic framework for portfolio construction, enabling our team to apply a stock-picking approach in areas of high conviction, as they seek to generate alpha on both the long and short book.

Paul Kirkby and his team filter their investment universe utilising a combination bottom-up and top-down analysis.

For the long book they are looking for companies with positive business strategies and metrics and for the short book they are looking for companies with negative business strategies and metrics.

Portfolio characteristics Japan Long/Short
Benchmark Topix (LC) for illustrative purposes only
Absolute return objectives Upside capture
Downside protection
Managing volatility
Alpha generation on the long and short book
Market capitalisation Multi-cap
Number of stocks 60 – 120
Gross equity exposure range +60% to +200%
Net equity exposure range -30% to +100%
Futures/options Yes
Portfolio turnover 2-3x
Inception 2 September 2002* and 1 July 2014
Strategy insight Download Japan Long/Short Insight

*The characteristics shown are guidelines only and not hard risk limits. Limits and instruments are for the representative accounts, vehicle specific limits and instruments may differ. Please refer to the prospectus for your jurisdiction. *Previous account managed by Paul Kirkby from September 2002 to October 2012.