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View [Time to invest with long-term perspective] Long Term Perspective

Time to invest with long-term perspective

by Zehrid Osmani

With markets experiencing their worst falls since the global financial crisis, we believe focusing on long-term themes is more important than ever for investors. Here we outline a pragmatic view of the current situation and how our investment philosophy enables a balanced and opportunistic response to market conditions.

20 March 2020
View [Latest Stewardship activity: February] Latest Stewardship update Feb - Coronavirus

Latest Stewardship activity: February

by David Sheasby

As companies assess the impacts of COVID-19, this may leave them better prepared for the issues that are likely to materialise from the physical impacts of climate change.

20 March 2020
View [SVoD killed the TV star, can AVoD save it?] Man watching on demand video using tablet

SVoD killed the TV star, can AVoD save it?

by Patrick Potts

TV broadcasters are struggling with the increased popularity of Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVoD) services. Will their saving grace lie in improving their own advertising-funded Video-on-Demand (AVoD) offerings?

12 March 2020
View [Struggle for oil market supremacy] USA Oil rig in Desert

Struggle for oil market supremacy

by Kim Catechis

The confrontation is being billed as Saudi versus Russia, but they both want to knock out a common irritant: US shale oil producers, who they feel have had a free ride (with free money) while the two heavyweights have taken the pain of price stabilisation.

11 March 2020
View [Today pain, tomorrow gain] Euro COVID-19 - woman with mask

Today pain, tomorrow gain

by Michael Browne

A short sharp shock to the economy that is broadly over by Easter. The presumption is that European authorities are able to contain the virus via quarantine restrictions thus reducing the spread and mortality as the weather improves.

9 March 2020
View [COVID-19: are we ready] Behind the Headlines COVID-19 woman wearing mask

COVID-19: are we ready

by Kim Catechis

COVID-19 is now present in every continent and the rate of confirmation of new cases is accelerating, with new epicentres in South Korea, Iran and Italy...

5 March 2020
View [Purposeful Engagement is More Effective Than Shareholder Activism] Front of office sunny with trees

Purposeful Engagement is More Effective Than Shareholder Activism

by Will Baylis

Shareholder activist groups are diverting company management’s time and energy towards narrow environmental and social causes. We explore why active ownership and purposeful engagement can achieve a better outcome for all stakeholders.

5 March 2020
View [The ESG Journey in Emerging Markets - Driving change and opportunity] Mountainlift view

The ESG Journey in Emerging Markets - Driving change and opportunity

by David Sheasby, Andrew Mathewson

We are seeing increasing levels of adoption and awareness of ESG factors by companies, governments and shareholders in Emerging Markets (EM). In our view, this is materially positive for investors with a long-term ownership approach such as ourselves. We also believe it can be a significant value driver for individual business and investment performance.

2 March 2020
View [Latest Stewardship activity: January] Davos

Latest Stewardship activity: January

by David Sheasby

Martin Currie is making two new commitments: The first is to sign up to Climate Action 100+ and the second is to express support for the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)...

29 February 2020