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View [Martin Currie Australia Diversified Income - White Paper] DivIncomeWhitePaperAbstract

Martin Currie Australia Diversified Income - White Paper

On its five-year anniversary, we look at how the innovative MCA Diversified Income strategy, and its component strategies MCA Equity Income and MCA Real Income, have delivered on their objectives to provide retirees with “a sufficient income for life”.

14 August 2019
View [We think differently about how to deliver income] ActiveViewPoint2Abstract

We think differently about how to deliver income

Our innovative process puts client income needs first and foremost by investing in the right kind of listed Asia Pacific ex Japan Real Assets.

Active Viewpoint 12 August 2019
View [Why now is the right time for value] AusValueAbstract

Why now is the right time for value

What do Value spreads tell us about what lies ahead for the Value style, and Value managers like Martin Currie Australia?

7 August 2019
View [Super Fund Mandate Press Release] StateSuperPressReleaseAbstract

Super Fund Mandate Press Release

Martin Currie, the specialist active equity manager with a growing Australian institutional client base, has won an Australian equity mandate from a $43 billion superannuation fund.

In the press 5 August 2019
View [Tales from the Road: Latin America] TFRLatAmAbstract1

Tales from the Road: Latin America

Latin America has a lot to offer investors. Emerging market portfolio managers Paul Desoisa and Colin Dishington travelled across Brazil and Peru to assess some of the potentially overlooked investment stories the region has to offer.

18 June 2019
View [5G - The confluence of technology & geopolitics] 5Gabstract

5G - The confluence of technology & geopolitics

The impact of 5G is going to be immense, but there is a very real prospect of two competing, non-interoperable networks. Kim Catechis explores who will be the winners and losers in this scenario.

18 June 2019
View [Finding multi-decade corporate growth] Finding multi-decade corporate growth

Finding multi-decade corporate growth

The Global Long-Term Unconstrained strategy has a long-term investment horizon, identifying investment opportunities that can offer multi-decade returns.

14 June 2019
View [Global Emerging Markets Strategy now available as Active ETF on ASX] AlastairReynoldsHeadshot

Global Emerging Markets Strategy now available as Active ETF on ASX

We are delighted to announce the launch of the BetaShares Legg Mason Emerging Markets Fund (managed fund) (ASX: EMMG), the first global equity Active ETF created from the strategic partnership between Legg Mason and BetaShares.

Press release 12 June 2019
View [Tales from the Road: India] TFRIndiaabstract1

Tales from the Road: India

Paul Sloane, emerging markets portfolio manager, reports back from Mumbai on why he is even more positive on the investment opportunities in Indian financials.

Tales from the Road 3 June 2019