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View [Finding multi-decade corporate growth] Finding multi-decade corporate growth

Finding multi-decade corporate growth

The Global Long-Term Unconstrained strategy has a long-term investment horizon, identifying investment opportunities that can offer multi-decade returns.

14 June 2019
View [European Long/Short: Macro and Market update] EuroLongShortAbstract

European Long/Short: Macro and Market update

Assessing the macro environment allows us to optimally position our portfolio. We do this quantitatively using our Macro Matrix, and qualitatively via our Market Traffic Lights.

13 June 2019
View [5G - The Confluence of Technology & Geopolitics] 5Gabstract

5G - The Confluence of Technology & Geopolitics

We are now in an era with echoes from 100 years ago, when commerce was distorted by the relatively unquantifiable driver that is geopolitics – and this is only the beginning.

12 June 2019
View [Global Emerging Markets Strategy now available as Active ETF on ASX] AlastairReynoldsHeadshot

Global Emerging Markets Strategy now available as Active ETF on ASX

We are delighted to announce the launch of the BetaShares Legg Mason Emerging Markets Fund (managed fund) (ASX: EMMG), the first global equity Active ETF created from the strategic partnership between Legg Mason and BetaShares.

Press release 12 June 2019
View [Tales from the Road: India] TFRIndiaabstract1

Tales from the Road: India

Paul Sloane, emerging markets portfolio manager, reports back from Mumbai on why he is even more positive on the investment opportunities in Indian financials.

Tales from the Road 3 June 2019
View [Martin Currie strengthens distribution capabilities in Australia with hire of new BDM] EujeneTengAbstract

Martin Currie strengthens distribution capabilities in Australia with hire of new BDM

Martin Currie, the specialist active equity manager with a growing Australian institutional client base and wide recognition of its Australian, Global and Emerging Market equity capabilities, has bolstered its distribution team in Australia with the hire of a new BDM.

Press release 23 May 2019
View [Stewardship 2019 annual report] Stewardship drop

Stewardship 2019 annual report

Martin Currie has once again strengthened the depth and commitment of its stewardship activities during the past year. Importantly we have continued to be an active voice within the industry advocating for change towards a more sustainable investment environment.

1 April 2019
View [Australian reporting season wrap 2019] Australian Reporting Season 2019

Australian reporting season wrap 2019

While company fundamentals are largely intact, this season, profit results have been clouded by the negative sentiment on politics, financial conditions and house prices. Increasing investment requirements have also reduced both company and consensus growth outlooks.

Active Viewpoint 19 March 2019
View [Three Reasons Why Ethical Income Doesn't Mean Compromising On Yield] EthicalIncomeAbstract1

Three Reasons Why Ethical Income Doesn't Mean Compromising On Yield

Investors don’t want to choose between their values and income – and we believe they shouldn’t have to. Since we launched our Ethical Income Strategy three years ago, our track record has demonstrated that investors no longer need to compromise.

Active Viewpoint 28 February 2019