Martin Currie Australia Diversified Income - White Paper

Martin Currie Australia Diversified Income

14 August 2019


We believe that a retirement income strategy and asset mix should be very different to a typical balanced fund strategy for people in the accumulation phase of their investments.

The financial industry has a serious problem. Many retirees do not have enough income to fund a comfortable retirement because of an over-reliance by the industry on recommending low yield/ low growth or so-called “low risk” asset allocations. In particular, term deposit rates are close to negative in real rates of return following successive rate cuts.

However, in May 2014, Martin Currie Australia (MCA) launched a multi-asset allocation solution that looked at the problem very differently to these traditional retirement options.

On its five-year anniversary, we look at how the innovative MCA Diversified Income strategy, and its component strategies MCA Equity Income and MCA Real Income, have delivered on their objectives to provide retirees with “a sufficient income for life”, while traditional options continue to fall short.

In the full article (PDF), Reece Birtles, Chief Investment Officer, and Will Baylis, Portfolio Manager, show:
  • The key attributes for a sufficient income for life
  • How Diversified Income has helped clients meet their retirement objectives
  • A deep dive into our philosophy and research for retirement income assets

Diversified Income White Paper- Download full PDF

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