Australia Diversified Income strategy

The Martin Currie Australia Diversified Income strategy is specifically designed for retirees. It seeks to provide a growing income stream by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian equities, listed real assets (A-REITS, utilities, infrastructure), fixed Income and cash.

Martin Currie Australia is a leading innovator of active equity investment solutions, with over 35 years of history investing in Australian equities on behalf of both domestic and international clients.


Our investment approach focuses on identifying superior expected income from equities, bonds and cash in order to provide an optimal asset allocation for retirees requiring sustainable income and growth over the medium to long term. 

We rely on our complementary fundamental and quantitative research, and our collective insights into the current investment landscape, to identify opportunities.


Unique strategy

  • Innovative blend of asset classes
  • Asset allocation designed to deliver a superior multi-sector income solution for retirees

Growing income stream

  • Each strategy is underpinned by a specific investment rationale, which, combined, aims to give a mix of capital stable, high yield and steadily growing income stream
  • Exposure to low-risk growth assets is expected to grow the income stream above inflation over time, helping to protect purchasing power of retirees
  • Avoids costly derivatives strategies for income enhancements or capital protection to improve capital growth

Investment flexibility with risk control

  • Ability to overweight the asset classes that are more attractive on a forward yield basis
  • Assets are all A$ in order to match inflation of Australian consumption needs

After tax efficiency

  • Designed to extract full benefit of franking credits and maximise after tax income for 0% tax payers

Deep resources and insights

  • Dedicated, experienced investment managers in each asset class
  • Asset allocation decisions and selection of the underlying strategies captures in-depth fundamental and qualitative insights from MCA’s long-serving 18-member investment team
  • Benefits from our collective insights into the current investment landscape
  • 40+ year pedigree in managing balanced funds