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View [Australian house prices set for a boost] AustralianHousePricesAbstract

Australian house prices set for a boost

The impact of low cash rates, and the loosening of mortgage lending guidance has started to show up in house price data. My analysis of bank credit supply and demand suggests that the upward trend in house prices is set to continue.

4 October 2019
View [Springtime value for Australian equities ] MCA Reporting Season Wrap 2019

Springtime value for Australian equities

The negative back drop of ongoing weakness in global economic growth, net downgrades by brokers, and conservative management outlooks during the August 2019 reporting season, hide the ‘green shoots’ that are beginning to appear in the Australian market, and the heightened Valuation dispersion opportunities.

26 September 2019
View [ESG challenges for investing in the modern age] ESG Challenges for investing in the modern age

ESG challenges for investing in the modern age

In this modern age of climate change and the ‘me-too’ movement, Environmental and Social factors have become increasingly important investment risk factors to consider. For our analysts, they have also been important discussion points with Australian companies during the August 2019 reporting season.

18 September 2019
View [Why now is the right time for value] AusValueAbstract

Why now is the right time for value

What do Value spreads tell us about what lies ahead for the Value style, and Value managers like Martin Currie Australia?

7 August 2019
View [Lessons from the rise of UK digital banks] RiseofDigitalBanksAbstract5

Lessons from the rise of UK digital banks

Matthew Davison, senior research analyst for Martin Currie Australia, reports back from his UK research trip that despite the tough banking market conditions, it’s not all doom and gloom for banks.

31 July 2019
View [Budget surplus to drive consumption] Abstact2

Budget surplus to drive consumption

Wage growth and tax cuts are a significant driver of household expenditure, and bracket creep provides a good basis to fund tax relief and repair consumption.

29 March 2019
View [Australian reporting season wrap 2019] Australian Reporting Season 2019

Australian reporting season wrap 2019

While company fundamentals are largely intact, this season, profit results have been clouded by the negative sentiment on politics, financial conditions and house prices. Increasing investment requirements have also reduced both company and consensus growth outlooks.

Active Viewpoint 19 March 2019