Japan Alpha strategy

The strategy aims to take advantage of pricing inefficiencies in Japan to generate long-term outperformance.


Japan represents a large and liquid opportunity set for skilled investors. With limited analyst coverage, and over 3,500 listed companies, there exists a range of pricing inefficiencies for our experienced team of Japanese equity investors to exploit.


We believe that employing a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis is the most effective approach to investing in the Japanese equity market.

Continual monitoring of the global and domestic economies provides a thorough understanding of prevailing market conditions, helping us to contextualise our stock-picking work and to cross-check our portfolio positioning.

We link this with bottom-up fundamental analysis of companies. Company meetings form a key part of our process. We conduct a large number of meetings each year in Japan and the UK. We seek to cross reference the information we uncover among suppliers, customers and competitors, to focus our efforts on the strongest stock ideas.

We look for a balance between growth, quality and valuation. We favour a GARP style and consider the characteristics of the business in question when judging the most appropriate valuation method.


  • Specialist team with over 100 years’ experience managing Japanese equities
  • Combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis
  • Macro analysis performed to determine appropriate style and sector focus
  • Fundamental company analysis undertaken to determine investment opportunity
  • High conviction, stock driven portfolio