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Julian Ide - Head of Distribution and Strategy, Martin Currie

Martin Currie appoints Julian Ide as Head of Distribution and Strategy

Julian joins Martin Currie’s six strong Executive team based in Edinburgh, and will work collaboratively with them to drive the company’s distribution ambitions.

04 February 2019

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Four ESG Themes right now

Four ESG themes investors should be aware of right now

We’re often asked about the most important ESG themes that investors should consider. As bottom-up, active managers, we unsurprisingly tend to focus on those issues that are most material for each investment case. That said, there are several overarching ESG topics that we believe are increasingly important for investors to be aware of right now.

04 February 2019

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European Long/Short outlook

European long/short outlook

Michael Browne and Steve Frost look back on what was a turbulent year for European equities and give their outlook for 2019.

05 February 2019

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New Zealand: Tapping into population-driven growth

New Zealand: Tapping into population-driven growth

Walking around central Auckland, change is evident everywhere. Despite my trip being mid-week, the streets were bustling with construction, and the restaurants full. The city is transforming from a distant regional centre into a cosmopolitan city on the world stage.

01 February 2019

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Understanding the impact of water scarcity

Water stress is one of the most serious, yet underappreciated, challenges the world faces, with direct impacts for businesses – and therefore investors.

04 February 2019

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The positive impact of ESG

The positive impact of ESG integration

In our view, the key aspects of stewardship should help to protect and grow our clients' capital, while also contributing to a healthier and more sustainable economic and financial system.

04 February 2019

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Putting theory into practice

Analysis of ESG cannot be done by half measures. To gain a full understanding of how sustainability factors can impact a company’s future returns, they must be embedded throughout the entire investment process – from idea generation and stock research, to financial modelling and portfolio construction.

04 February 2019

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PRI Conference 2018 news

PRI in Person Conference 2018 Wrap Up

This year’s PRI-in-Person conference, which took place in San Francisco last week, was the largest PRI conference to date, with 1200 attendees representing asset owners, asset managers, consultants, service providers and NGOs.

04 February 2019

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GEMS webinar

Webinar: Emerging Markets, why they're worth it

Join Kim for a stimulating update on the drivers for EM and an insight on opportunities the Martin Currie EM team are focusing their efforts on to maximise performance prospects for clients.

15 February 2019

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What next fro Australian banks?

What next for Australian banks?

The collision of digital disruption and post-Royal Commission risk aversion could change the shape of the banking industry in Australia

04 February 2019

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Paul Sloane

Experienced global stock picker rejoins Martin Currie

Paul Sloane, a highly-experienced Global Portfolio Manager with over 19 years’ investment experience will re-join the business within its well-established and successful Global Emerging Markets team as portfolio manager.

04 February 2019

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Australia Reporting Season 2018 news

Australian reporting season wrap: Rewriting the script for growth

After many years of the same old story – cost cutting and slow revenue growth story, February 2018’s reporting season has offered up some positive news for the Australian market and economy.

18 March 2019

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PRI A+ award 2018

Martin Currie achieves top ESG rating for second year in a row

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assess responsible investment activities across the industry each year. Their review of 2017 has been published and Martin Currie has achieved A+ ratings for its responsible investment activities.

25 March 2019

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Back in the Game

China’s largest gaming giants have finally been allowed to release new titles to domestic audiences but stricter rules are good for the industry’s long-term growth.

26 February 2019

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REITs in Asia - An exciting "Emerging" Asset Class

We see significant potential for real estate investment trusts (REIT’s) across the Asia Pacific. Whilst they have been largely a developed-market phenomenon so far, incremental growth is likely to come from the emerging Asia markets, and exciting new listings are imminent in the Philippines and India.

08 May 2019

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Three key themes in Emerging Markets

Alastair Reynolds shares his thoughts on three important areas which are shaping investment in emerging markets.

04 April 2019

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Fast Fashion

Slowing 'Fast Fashion'

World clothing production has almost doubled in the last 15 years, but the growth has come at a significant cost and there is now increasing awareness of its outsized environmental and societal impacts.

06 February 2019

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Healthy Eating - Four impacts for the food & beverage industry

The world is keeping a closer eye than ever before on its diet and food & beverage producers are under immense pressure to reform.

29 March 2019

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Year of questioning growth

Global macroeconomic data has deteriorated in recent months. The question for investors now is are we entering an economic recession? Or is this just a blip in activity.

22 March 2019

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The power of proxy voting

Proxy voting season is currently in full swing in Europe, US and parts of Asia, with several key themes emerging

03 June 2019