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View [Investing in the ‘Real Asset’ Australian dream] RealAssetAbstract

Investing in the ‘Real Asset’ Australian dream

by Ashton Reid

While we’ve all experienced the frustrations of road congestion, that queue at the supermarket or indeed the rising cost of life’s necessities, there is a ‘Real’ way to ease the burden.

2 August 2019
View [Lessons from the rise of UK digital banks] RiseofDigitalBanksAbstract5

Lessons from the rise of UK digital banks

by Matthew Davison

Matthew Davison, senior research analyst for Martin Currie Australia, reports back from his UK research trip that despite the tough banking market conditions, it’s not all doom and gloom for banks.

31 July 2019
View [Making the grade: China’s drive for academic excellence] MakingtheGradeAbstract

Making the grade: China’s drive for academic excellence

by Michael Millar

Competition is fierce for places at China’s top universities fuelling more spending on after-school tuition. Michael Millar looks at growth prospects in the private tutoring sector.

15 July 2019
View [Change at the top – the knock-on effects] BehindtheHeadlinesAbstract

Change at the top – the knock-on effects

by Kim Catechis

Mexico’s finance minister resigns after just seven months and Turkey’s central bank governor is fired by the president.

10 July 2019
View [Europe's new power elite] BTHAbstract

Europe's new power elite

by Michael Browne

The European Parliament reopened this week, with suggested appointments for the top jobs proving very revealing.

5 July 2019
View [The transition from coal to renewable energy] MCATransitionAbstract

The transition from coal to renewable energy

by Will Baylis

In the Australian market, we see the transition from coal to renewable energy as well under way, and we are happy to help our clients be a part of this evolution towards a cleaner, lower carbon future.

4 July 2019
View [Pressure on plastic] PressureonPlasticFeaturenew

Pressure on plastic

by Mark Whitehead

How are companies incorporating the ‘circular economy’ into their business models to cut out waste?

1 July 2019