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View [Plastic phase out - The investor view] Plastic bag in sea

Plastic phase out - The investor view

8 million tonnes of plastic waste enter our oceans each year. Is it time for investors to think about plastic phase out?

13 November 2018
View [Desperately seeking: Board accountability and active voices] At the AGM

Desperately seeking: Board accountability and active voices

It is clear from this remarkable AGM season that investors are looking for more accountability. But it needs to start at the top, and be held to account by active voices

Active Viewpoint 1 November 2018
View [ESG - Don't just use the rear view mirror] Rear view mirror

ESG - Don't just use the rear view mirror

We are often asked why we don’t have a 100% exclusion of fossil fuels, or if we avoid the un-ethical banks. We recognise there is no 'perfect company', and that the past is not always a reliable indicator of the future

31 October 2018
View [Four key drivers for Australian markets and one caution] 4 key drivers

Four key drivers for Australian markets and one caution

We devote most of our resources to identifying insights that can generate long-term returns and minimise risk. But in the short-term, returns and risk can be driven by very different forces.

Active Viewpoint 31 October 2018
View [Have US Markets run out of rocket fuel?] Have US markets run out of fuel?

Have US Markets run out of rocket fuel?

Markets around the world have fallen sharply so far in October, shaking investors out of their comfort zone. Why is this happening?

30 October 2018
View [Contagion contained] Istanbul overhead

Contagion contained

Turkey’s currency crisis in early August prompted an all-too familiar set of headlines. A predictable news flow that was eager to foretell that the crisis would deepen and inevitably spread across the entire asset class.

29 October 2018
View [Brazil's polarising election] Brasilia

Brazil's polarising election

After victory in the first round of voting, Jair Bolsonaro, the anti-establishment right winger, now appears to have a commanding lead over Fernando Haddad of the PT (workers’ party), ahead of Sunday’s election.

25 October 2018
View [Driving is changing before our eyes] Electric cars

Driving is changing before our eyes

The way we drive is changing forever, due to major technological advances and a push towards greener forms of transport (particularly considering the latest dire warnings on climate change).

Active Insight 24 October 2018
View [Webinar: Emerging Markets, why they're worth it] GEMS webinar

Webinar: Emerging Markets, why they're worth it

Join Kim for a stimulating update on the drivers for EM and an insight on opportunities the Martin Currie EM team are focusing their efforts on to maximise performance prospects for clients.

Webinar 19 October 2018
View [What next for Australian banks] Aus Banks News

What next for Australian banks

The collision of digital disruption and post-Royal Commission risk aversion could change the shape of the banking industry in Australia

Active Viewpoint 10 October 2018
View [EM earnings - beware the consensus view] EM EARNINGS – BEWARE THE CONSENSUS VIEW

EM earnings - beware the consensus view

Investors should take Emerging Market earnings forecasts with a pinch of salt, we see the positive prospects in the asset class.

Active Insight 1 October 2018