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View [Global Emerging Markets - Through the ESG Lens] ESG Through the lens - aerial view

Global Emerging Markets - Through the ESG Lens

Emerging markets have made great strides when it comes to ESG over the years, and there is now a constellation of companies which can go head to head with their developed-market peers.

Active Viewpoint 1 April 2020
View [COVID-19 business continuity] Corona virus business continuity

COVID-19 business continuity

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to provide you with an update on our business continuity planning and actions we have taken...

19 March 2020
View [A critical juncture for China's pharmaceutical industry] Green pill

A critical juncture for China's pharmaceutical industry

The Chinese pharmaceutical sector is at a critical juncture. The external industry environment, where both multinational corporations (MNCs) and domestic players operate is undergoing transformational changes impacted by a series of regulatory reforms.

2 March 2020
View [ESG and firm value - does it matter?] ESG and Firm Value - does it matter? Keyboard and pen

ESG and firm value - does it matter?

Andrew Graham, Head of Asia, and Tom Wills, Portfolio Manager, investigate the importance of governance and sustainability considerations within company valuations.

27 February 2020
View [Exploring the ongoing debate between active and passive investing] ActiveVsPassiveAbstract

Exploring the ongoing debate between active and passive investing

As the trend for passive investing is showing no signs of abating, Zehrid Osmani, Head of Global Long-Term Unconstrained explores the place for active management and the opportunity it can bring for asset allocators.

21 January 2020
View [Our Global Long-Term Unconstrained ESG integration] GLTUESGIntegrationAbstract

Our Global Long-Term Unconstrained ESG integration

In the paper, Zed explains how ESG is integrated throughout the investment process. From determining which stocks progress to in-depth fundamental research, the usage of their proprietary ESG risk scoring system and finally how analysis of ESG exposures helps determines the overall portfolio shape.

20 January 2020
View [European Long Short macro and market update] EuroLongShortAbstract

European Long Short macro and market update

Assessing the macro environment allows us to optimally position our portfolio. We do this quantitatively using our Macro Matrix, and qualitatively via our Market Traffic Lights.

16 December 2019
View [Stewardship & ESG Outlook 2020] David Sheasby

Stewardship & ESG Outlook 2020

Head of ESG and Stewardship David Sheasby outlines the key sustainability issues for investors in 2020

Video 3 December 2019