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View [Asia half-year Outlook 2019] Second-half outlooks - Asia

Asia half-year Outlook 2019

Andrew Graham asks if a global policy change is imminent and shares his views for the rest of the year.

4 September 2019
View [Translating Asia's growth] ALTU story

Translating Asia's growth

With new industries and capabilities continuing to emerge, Asia’s impressive growth story continues and it remains an attractive prospect for investors.

Active Viewpoint 30 May 2019
View [ALTU story - The concept] ALTU story

ALTU story - The concept

Asia’s role as an economic powerhouse is well established, so why does the stock market have such a chequered track record when it comes to delivering investment returns that reflect this growth?

29 May 2019
View [China’s boost to urbanisation ] ChinaBoostAbstract

China’s boost to urbanisation

Urbanisation, a key driver of economic growth in China, is set to be boosted by a new government policy impacting a vast range of sectors

27 May 2019
View [ALTU story - Capturing future growth] ALTU story

ALTU story - Capturing future growth

Over the first decade of its life, ALTU has demonstrated its effectiveness but what is the scope for the region – and the strategy – to thrive in the future?

27 May 2019
View [Watching Asia grow] Indonesia building

Watching Asia grow

Rising populations, urbanisation and a fast-growing middle class have led to a huge need for housing and infrastructure right across developing Asia.

7 March 2019
View [Reaching a sweet spot for Asian markets] Reaching a sweet spot for Asian markets

Reaching a sweet spot for Asian markets

Several factors are making Asian stocks increasingly compelling right now. These indicate we are potentially nearing a sweet spot in terms of company earnings outlooks, macro improvements and current valuations.

Active Viewpoint 5 February 2019
View [Asia Outlook 2019] Asia Outlook 2019

Asia Outlook 2019

Damian Taylor and Robert Campbell, portfolio managers from our Asia team, look at the key opportunities and risks for 2019.

Video 6 December 2018
View [Martin Currie achieves top ESG rating for second year in a row] PRI A+ award 2018

Martin Currie achieves top ESG rating for second year in a row

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assess responsible investment activities across the industry each year. Their review of 2017 has been published and Martin Currie has achieved A+ ratings for its responsible investment activities.

Press release 26 July 2018
View [Asia Long-Term Unconstrained 2018 Outlook] ASIA LONG-TERM UNCONSTRAINED 2018 OUTLOOK NEWS

Asia Long-Term Unconstrained 2018 Outlook

After the strong run for Asian equities in 2017, backed by an earnings recovery, Andrew Graham and Paul Danes look ahead to what we can expect for the coming year.

Active Viewpoint 11 January 2018