A unique approach to capturing Asian growth

Asia Pacific Real Income

30 May 2019

Unique approach to Asian growth

The Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region is home to some of the fastest-growing countries and cities in the world.

These are challenging times for investors looking for stable and growing income streams. In this environment, the Martin Currie Asia Pacific Real Income strategy, which that sits between fixed income and equities on the risk-return spectrum, offers a compelling solution.

Investors who require a stable and dependable income have many challenges to face in the current market environment. Low economic growth, high debt and low interest rates have left few sound options.

The higher capital volatility of equity markets, and the concentrated nature of equity benchmarks, can make investors feel uncomfortable about being exposed to growth assets. Traditional unlisted infrastructure or property strategies can have poor liquidity and non-transparent pricing. Derivatives strategies for income enhancements or capital protection can often be costly and inefficient. And a passive approach may not consider the risk of impaired income, concentration issues, or inflation protection.

We believe that an allocation to Real Assets can provide investors with a high, stable and growing income stream, and will exhibit less volatility than the wider market. Real Assets in Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region are particularly well positioned due to the favourable population and demographic trends in the region.

Asia Pacific Real Income unique approach to Asian growth PDF
In this paper we discuss:
  • Why the listed Real Asset class is a compelling solution for income investors
  • How listed Real Assets in Asia Pacific (ex Japan) are well-positioned to favourable population and demographic trends in the region
  • How Martin Currie Australia’s expertise as a Real Asset stock-picking specialist can help navigate the market

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