Australia Value Equity strategy

The Martin Currie Australia Value Equity strategy seeks to maximise returns for longer term investors by investing in a high conviction portfolio of securities which are trading below our assessment of intrinsic value, whilst considering each company’s direction and quality.

Martin Currie Australia is a leading innovator of active equity investment solutions, with over 35 years of history investing in Australian equities on behalf of both domestic and international clients.


Our approach is premised on the philosophy that the Australian equity market is efficient over the long term, with security prices ultimately reflecting the present value of future cash flows. 

However, in the short term, the market’s behavioural biases can create temporary mispricing and divergence from fair value that can be exploited by our disciplined investment process. 

We rely on our complementary fundamental and quantitative research, and our collective insights into the current investment landscape, to identify opportunities.


Maximises long term returns

  • Seeks to invest in securities trading at the deepest discounts to intrinsic value based on Martin Currie Australia analysis

Deep resources and insights

  • Captures in-depth fundamental and qualitative insights from Martin Currie Australia’s long-serving 18-member investment team

No herding

  • High-conviction concentrated portfolio with contrarian positions that avoids ‘herd mentality’
  • Maximises the risk/reward opportunity across the cycle based on our collective insights into the current investment landscape

Forward looking insights drive security selection

  • Looks through the short-term market noise with a focus on the long-term normalised earnings power of companies
  • ESG embedded into the investment process
  • Powerful combination of three different investment lenses – quality, value and direction – provides a broad perspective of security expected returns