Key facts

A high-conviction portfolio of 40-60 of high-quality, sustainable growth companies.

Martin Currie has been managing dedicated emerging markets portfolios since 1991. Our team is focused on managing one strategy and portfolios reflect our highest-conviction ideas from within the emerging-markets universe. We are very clear that we can add value through bottom-up stock selection and build portfolios that reflect responsible stewardship of our clients' capital.

Portfolio characteristics Global Emerging Markets
Benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets Index
Performance objective Index plus 3% p.a. (gross) over rolling three- to- five years
Market capitalisation All-Cap
Forecast tracking error Maximum of 8% per annum
Sector/country allocations As a result of stock selection- managed within factor risk analysis
Number of stocks 40-60
Maximum absolute stock weight 10%
Portfolio turnover Low - expected turnover
Factor risk profile Low relative R-squared
High active share
Neutral beta
Inception 13 September 1991
Strategy insight Download Global Emerging Markets Insight

The characteristics shown are guidelines only and not hard risk limits. Relative R-Squared is the percentage of active risk explained by model factors (e.g. countries, currencies, sectors, styles, interest rates, indices and commodities), the lower the figure, the more stock driven the portfolio. Active share is a measure of the percentage difference between the portfolio holdings and the index constituents. We generally consider >70% as a high active share. Beta is a measure of the sensitivity of a portfolio to index movements. We generally consider a beta of 0.90-1.10 as neutral.