With a dedicated and focused income team we have the depth of resources to find the best global income stocks for our clients, combining in-depth fundamental analysis, expertise and a highly integrated world view.


Although equity-income strategies have traditionally had a single-country focus, the attractions of a global equity-income approach are clear, offering not only a welcome degree of diversification for income focused investors, but also the prospect of superior returns for investors who seek long-term capital growth. Historically this has also been achieved with lower volatility than many other equity sectors.

With a focus on higher-yielding companies from around the world we aim to construct a high conviction portfolio of the most attractive opportunities we identify offering both rising income and capital appreciation over the long-term. We believe a combination of portfolio-manager talent and sophisticated investment-risk analysis within the disciplined framework of our investment process allows us to exploit market inefficiencies and generate consistent and predictable outperformance. When researching companies, we look for sustainable business models – businesses with strong franchises and good management that deliver consistent results. This sustainability of cash flow is key to global equity income investing.


Our philosophy is that stock-focused portfolios, driven by fundamental research, are the best way to exploit market inefficiencies and generate consistent outperformance. We believe that investing in undervalued, growing companies that can generate excess returns on invested capital will enable us to meet our objective of delivering rising income and capital appreciation over the long-term.

Martin Currie for Global Equity Income

We believe clients need, and therefore we offer, high yielding, high conviction portfolios that deliver sustainable, growing income.

With this in mind:

  • We are a specialised team of seven focused exclusively on income strategies
  • Growth, not yield, is our starting point
  • Unique income analysis ensures dividend sustainability
    • Dividend stress testing
    • Credit analysis
    • Fully integrated governance and sustainability analysis