Greater China

Our Greater China strategy is a high conviction, stock focused portfolio that seeks to deliver long-term capital growth from the dynamic and diverse economies of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Strategy introduction

China is experiencing an enormous amount of change: financially, socially and economically. Such change can create uncertainty amongst investors unfamiliar with the region following headlines of slowing economic growth. At Martin Currie we believe China, Hong Kong and Taiwan together present a combination of complementary growth-driving forces ideal for those prepared to look at the region from a company level.

The Martin Currie Greater China strategy aims to identify factors that trigger positive change in company fundamentals and is designed to capture the opportunities that exist in a region that is moving to the next stage of its growth and economic development.

While change presents opportunities it can also create risk. Investing in the region requires experience and understanding of the global, regional and local dynamics that can influence company returns.

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About Martin Currie Greater China strategy

About Greater China

Martin Currie has the right mixture of knowledge and experience to harness the opportunities that exist within Greater China.

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Investment team

The Greater China strategy is managed by Damian Taylor and Michael Millar from our Asia team

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Greater China strategy

Key facts

Driven by our fundamental bottom-up analysis we aim to build high-conviction, stock-focused portfolios that seek to exploit market inefficiencies and maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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