Key facts

The portfolio holds 25–40 world-class companies with a consistent track record of high and sustainable returns. Conviction is built throughout the research process as we establish consensus on the stock’s potential upside and valuation.

Portfolio exposures are a direct result of stock selection – as an unconstrained strategy we have no limits on country or sector allocations. In building a diversified portfolio, we instead look at the portfolio’s overall exposure to industry lifecycles, company classifications and research themes. This provides a more intuitive picture of any areas of concentration and vice versa, lack of exposure. For example, we will assess the portfolio’s sources of geographic revenue, under/over exposure to developed and emerging market growth and our own thematic factors.

Portfolio characteristics International Long-Term Unconstrained
Benchmark Unconstrained
Performance objective Long-term capital appreciation
Market capitalisation Mid- and Large-Cap
Forecast tracking error N/A
Sector/country allocations Unconstrained
Number of stocks 25-40
Maximum absolute stock weight 10%
Portfolio turnover < 25% per annum
Inception November 2015