US Long-Term Unconstrained strategy

A high conviction, unconstrained portfolio backed by systematic and proprietary research.


The US market is one of the most innovative markets in the world, boasting a disproportionate share of the world’s most enterprising businesses, offering a diverse range of investment opportunities and the world’s largest source of highly-rated global companies. We aim to invest in quality growth companies, these can consistently outperform and are often undervalued by the market. By challenging the assumption that returns fade over time through the market’s myopia, we seek to identify businesses that maintain returns beyond short-term forecast periods.

With a 5–10- year time horizon, we look to buy and hold stocks that we believe have a strong upside potential over the holding period. Meanwhile, an unconstrained approach allows us to invest without index-exposure constraints, permitting us to avoid areas of the market where we see limited potential for companies to create value.

The team have systematic approach to fundamental research that aims to ensure repeatable results and allows the investment team to effectively build the conviction to invest for the long-term. The proprietary research platform combines modelling, qualitative and thematic assessment. ESG analysis is employed throughout the investment process, including our own ESG risk scoring system.


Our investment philosophy is that proprietary fundamental research can identify long-term value-creating companies undervalued by the market. We elaborate on this below:

  • The market is myopic and fades returns of quality companies too fast
  • Our proprietary fundamental research framework is able to identify these companies
  • Value creating companies compound returns over the long-term