Key facts

The Martin Currie North America strategy aims to exploit market inefficiencies and generate consistent returns by investing in a high conviction portfolio of US and Canadian stocks, driven by fundamental research.

Harnessing the full resources of an integrated and experienced investment floor the strategy brings together the very best of Martin Currie’s North American stock ideas. By creating a stock-driven portfolio, based on deep fundamental research, we aim to deliver superior, long-term outperformance.

Portfolio characteristics North America
Benchmark MSCI North America
Performance objective MSCI North America index plus 3% p.a. (gross) over rolling three years.
Market capitalisation Large- and Mid-cap
Sector/country allocations As a result of stock selection managed within factor risk analysis
Number of stocks 35-45
Maximum active stock weight 3%
Portfolio turnover Low - expected turnover 20-40% per annum
Factor risk profile Low relative R-squared
High active share
Neutral beta
Inception 1 September 1983

The characteristics shown are guidelines only and not hard limits.