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Consultant relations

We are active equity specialists, driven by investment expertise and focused on managing money for a wide range of global clients.

05 June 2019

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About us

We are active equity specialists, crafting high-conviction portfolios for client-focused solutions.

06 December 2017

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Our investment strategies are specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs, with different vehicles tailored to meet their desired outcomes.

22 December 2017

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Client-focused solutions

Providing clients the outcomes they need

04 December 2017

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Putting theory into practice

Analysis of ESG cannot be done by half measures. To gain a full understanding of how sustainability factors can impact a company’s future returns, they must be embedded throughout the entire investment process – from idea generation and stock research, to financial modelling and portfolio construction.

04 February 2019

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The long-term impact of trade wars on investment returns

In this article Kim Catechis outlines a future economic and political landscape shaped by trade wars, examining the winners and losers, as well as the impact for investors

21 June 2019

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Politics in Europe: Taking the temperature

Politics in Europe: Taking the temperature 2019

Michael Browne, Portfolio Manager European long/short takes a closer look at the region’s politics for the year ahead.

11 March 2019

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Greater Bay Area

How China's Greater Bay Area is 'Greater' for Real Assets

China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA) has seen phenomenal growth over the last 40 years. Now boasting two of the country’s largest megacities, it is a fantastic example of urbanisation and population growth in Asia – and provides some excellent opportunities for listed real asset companies.

04 February 2019

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Velocity of change India and China

Tales from the road: Velocity of change in India & China

In both India and China, the speed of change is evident at almost every step and the rapid pace shows no sign of letting up. In both countries the foundations for further expansion are falling into place in terms of physical infrastructure and in the virtual domain.

04 February 2019