Governance and sustainability

We believe that incorporating governance and sustainability considerations into our investment process is an essential part of creating shareholder value and delivering investment excellence in the long-term.

David Sheasby
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David Sheasby, Head of Governance and Sustainability

Our approach to Governance and Sustainability


We recognise that while analysis of near-term prospects for a company will always be important, the majority of the value of a company lies in its ability to generate returns in the long-term. That’s why we started to formally integrate governance and sustainability analysis into our investment process in 2009 and at this time, became a signatory to the United Nations supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).

Far from being a ‘box-ticking’ exercise, the information is essential in building an investment case. All our analysts are required to consider the material and relevant governance and sustainability factors that could impact the ability of a company to generate sustainable returns.

Active ownership

We are active not activist owners, believing that monitoring and engagement is an essential part of being a shareholder. We actively engage with companies in which we invest to learn what motivates them and how they make decisions. By doing this, we improve our understanding of the companies and their governance structures, enabling us to exercise better-informed voting decisions.

Governance and sustainability annual report 2017

Governance & Sustainability 2017 report

The 2017 Governance & Sustainability Annual Report highlights our approach, activity and outcomes in 2016.

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Governance and Sustainability report 2017 pdf
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Governance and sustainability news

View [David Sheasby appointed to the PRI ESG Engagements Advisory Committee] David Sheasby

David Sheasby appointed to the PRI ESG Engagements Advisory Committee

David Sheasby, Head of Governance & Sustainability at Martin Currie, has been appointed to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) ESG Engagements Advisory Committee. Martin Currie’s extensive experience in engagement with investee companies, as well as the considerable work David has done in this area, prompted the PRI’s appointment.

19 April 2017
View [Governance & Sustainability Annual Report 2017] Governance and sustainability annual report

Governance & Sustainability Annual Report 2017

Stewardship is a critical part of our philosophy, and this manifests itself in our integration, engagement and voting activity. As such, I am delighted to introduce our 2017 Governance & Sustainability Annual Report, which highlights our approach, activity and outcomes in 2016.

News 3 April 2017
View [Mergers & acquisitions - Cutting to the chase] MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS – CUTTING TO THE CHASE

Mergers & acquisitions - Cutting to the chase

When analysing companies it is critical for us to understand how management discriminate between competing uses of capital. Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity is at the heart of this, and, in our view, an area where we believe many businesses could articulate their thinking better. Here, Paul Sloane, Portfolio Manager of the Global Alpha strategy, shares his observations from years of engagement with companies on the acquisition trail.

Active Viewpoint 6 March 2017
View [Governance and sustainability 2017 outlook] Governance and Sustainability 2017 Outlook

Governance and sustainability 2017 outlook

There is no shortage of issues to analyse and engage companies on going into 2017, whether it be climate change, diversity, cyber security or executive pay. As always, materiality will be the yardstick when deciding where to spend our time and energy.

Active Outlook 13 January 2017
View [How sustainable is your emerging markets portfolio?] Sustainability in Global Emerging Markets

How sustainable is your emerging markets portfolio?

As long-term investors we fundamentally believe in the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis as a means to understanding both opportunities and risks. As such, this paper examines the role of ESG in our emerging markets portfolio process and philosophy.

Active Viewpoint 7 December 2016
View [Stewardship - A tier 1 signatory] FRC rate Martin Currie in highest category

Stewardship - A tier 1 signatory

Stewardship refers to how we manage and protect our clients’ assets. We are proud to have been categorised as a Tier 1 signatory to the (UK) Stewardship Code by the FRC.

News 17 November 2016
View [Under stress: What does water risk mean for company valuations?] Water risk: assessing the impact

Under stress: What does water risk mean for company valuations?

Our head of governance and sustainability David Sheasby explores why the increase in the amount of water-stressed areas is such a pertinent issue for investors and how we engage with businesses to assess their approach in addressing it.

Active Viewpoint 15 August 2016
View [PRI Award 'A+' rating for Governance and Sustainability] 'A+' Award for Governance and Sustainability

PRI Award 'A+' rating for Governance and Sustainability

We are delighted to announce the news that the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) have awarded us ‘A+’ for our approach to governance and sustainability for the second year running.

News 6 July 2016