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View [Megacities: a supersized opportunity ] MegacitiesText1

Megacities: a supersized opportunity

by Daniel Fitzgerald

Asia Pacific ex Japan is a population growth powerhouse, with the region home to some of the fastest growing countries and cities in the world. Over half of the world’s megacities will be in the region by 2030, and this represents a multi-decade opportunity for Real Asset investment.

5 December 2019
View [Real assets: Empowered by Asian energy demand] RealAssetAsiaEnergyDemandAbstract

Real assets: Empowered by Asian energy demand

by Daniel Fitzgerald

Continued high growth in energy demand in the Asia Pacific ex Japan region should bring opportunities for listed real asset utilities.

16 September 2019
View [Making the grade: China’s drive for academic excellence] MakingtheGradeAbstract

Making the grade: China’s drive for academic excellence

by Michael Millar

Competition is fierce for places at China’s top universities fuelling more spending on after-school tuition. Michael Millar looks at growth prospects in the private tutoring sector.

15 July 2019
View [The "Greenification" of China] ChinaGreenificationAbstract1

The "Greenification" of China

by Daniel Fitzgerald

As China continues to develop, environmental issues are increasingly front and centre in what is described in the country as a “war” against pollution.

5 June 2019
View [REITs in Asia - An exciting "Emerging" Asset Class] AsiaREITsAbstract1

REITs in Asia - An exciting "Emerging" Asset Class

by Daniel Fitzgerald

We see significant potential for real estate investment trusts (REIT’s) across the Asia Pacific. Whilst they have been largely a developed-market phenomenon so far, incremental growth is likely to come from the emerging Asia markets, and exciting new listings are imminent in the Philippines and India.

1 April 2019
View [China's consumers - Taking a closer look] AsiaChinaConsumersAbstract3

China's consumers - Taking a closer look

by Tom Wills

The most recent data on Chinese consumption broadly shows a healthy picture over the last five years. But as investors it’s important for us to go beneath the headline figures to get a fuller picture.

29 March 2019
View [Watching Asia grow] Indonesia building

Watching Asia grow

by David Johnston Stewart

Rising populations, urbanisation and a fast-growing middle class have led to a huge need for housing and infrastructure right across developing Asia.

7 March 2019
View [Asia Pacific in the Pilot Seat for the Global Aviation Sector] AviationAbstract1

Asia Pacific in the Pilot Seat for the Global Aviation Sector

by Daniel Fitzgerald

Strong population growth and rising income levels in the Asia Pacific region are fuelling demand for the region’s airports. And more than half of new air passengers are expected to originate from the region over the next 20 years.

4 March 2019