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View [Governance & Sustainability Annual Report 2017] Governance and sustainability annual report

Governance & Sustainability Annual Report 2017

Stewardship is a critical part of our philosophy, and this manifests itself in our integration, engagement and voting activity. As such, I am delighted to introduce our 2017 Governance & Sustainability Annual Report, which highlights our approach, activity and outcomes in 2016.

News 3 April 2017
View [Global Equity Income - The right kind of growth] Global Equity Income - The right kind of growth News

Global Equity Income - The right kind of growth

In this viewpoint, Mark Whitehead, Head of Income explains the rationale behind our focus on sustainable growth: how our investment system is designed to identify businesses with strong financials and competitive moats able to maintain growth, irrespective of shifts in the business cycle.

Active Viewpoint 14 March 2017
View [Mergers & acquisitions - Cutting to the chase] MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS – CUTTING TO THE CHASE

Mergers & acquisitions - Cutting to the chase

When analysing companies it is critical for us to understand how management discriminate between competing uses of capital. Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) activity is at the heart of this, and, in our view, an area where we believe many businesses could articulate their thinking better. Here, Paul Sloane, Portfolio Manager of the Global Alpha strategy, shares his observations from years of engagement with companies on the acquisition trail.

Active Viewpoint 6 March 2017
View [The Outlook for 2017] Martin Currie strategy outlooks 2017

The Outlook for 2017

Our portfolio managers reflect on 2016, looking at the significant events that have impacted their strategies and what the key risks and drivers will be for 2017.

Active Outlook 20 January 2017
View [Michael Browne on CNBC] CNBC video Michael Browne

Michael Browne on CNBC

In a recent series of videos recorded by CNBC, Michael Browne, Portfolio Manager of Martin Currie European Long/Short talks about the likelihood of a ‘Hard Brexit’, the relevance of the World Economic Forum and the Trump transition and what it means for markets.

Video 16 January 2017
View [Governance and sustainability 2017 outlook] Governance and Sustainability 2017 Outlook

Governance and sustainability 2017 outlook

There is no shortage of issues to analyse and engage companies on going into 2017, whether it be climate change, diversity, cyber security or executive pay. As always, materiality will be the yardstick when deciding where to spend our time and energy.

Active Outlook 13 January 2017
View [How sustainable is your emerging markets portfolio?] Sustainability in Global Emerging Markets

How sustainable is your emerging markets portfolio?

As long-term investors we fundamentally believe in the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis as a means to understanding both opportunities and risks. As such, this paper examines the role of ESG in our emerging markets portfolio process and philosophy.

Active Viewpoint 7 December 2016
View [Asia: a macroeconomic and political overview] Tales from the Road India

Asia: a macroeconomic and political overview

Asia is expected to deliver the bulk of emerging market growth over the next five years. However, at a time of global economic uncertainty, the outlook differs greatly from country to country.

Active Viewpoint 28 November 2016
View [Tales from the road - India] Tales from the Road India

Tales from the road - India

India is the second largest producer of cement in the world, but in recent years demand has disappointed. Portfolio manager Divya Mathur used a research trip to India to explore the themes surrounding the cement industry and stress-test his conviction that a more positive picture for investors in the sector is emerging.

Active Viewpoint 27 November 2016
View [Tales from the road - Korea] Tales from the road Korea

Tales from the road - Korea

With a tech-savvy and well educated population, Korea has some of the most dynamic companies in the world. The country boasts a wealth of global brands and has forged a reputation for high-quality, value-added products.

Active Viewpoint 27 November 2016