Long-term investment philosophy that seeks to exploit a well-defined market inefficiency.


Emerging markets offers a diverse opportunity set and superior growth prospects driven by the long-term, powerful drivers of a young and growing population, rising urbanisation, and a growing middle class.

As well as superior growth, we are seeing opportunities in the way that technology is being embraced by emerging market populations, how it is disrupting business models and how emerging market companies are benefitting and leading the way in technological innovation. Whether it is in semiconductors or EV batteries, there are a growing number of examples where emerging market companies are leading the way on a global scale, something which is very much underestimated by the market.


Our investment philosophy is founded on a belief that the market frequently misprices a company’s long-term, value-creation potential; as long-term investors, we are able to identify the nature and scale of the mispricing through rigorous fundamental research. We seek to add further value by investing in quality companies that exhibit the strongest growth characteristics. Combining this approach with active stock picking is how we seek to deliver superior alpha over the long term for our clients.