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View [We think differently about how to deliver income] ActiveViewPoint2Abstract

We think differently about how to deliver income

Our innovative process puts client income needs first and foremost by investing in the right kind of listed Asia Pacific ex Japan Real Assets.

Active Viewpoint 12 August 2019
View [Making the grade: China’s drive for academic excellence] MakingtheGradeAbstract

Making the grade: China’s drive for academic excellence

Competition is fierce for places at China’s top universities fuelling more spending on after-school tuition. Michael Millar looks at growth prospects in the private tutoring sector.

15 July 2019
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The "Greenification" of China

As China continues to develop, environmental issues are increasingly front and centre in what is described in the country as a “war” against pollution.

3 June 2019
View [Tales from the Road: India] TFRIndiaabstract1

Tales from the Road: India

Paul Sloane, emerging markets portfolio manager, reports back from Mumbai on why he is even more positive on the investment opportunities in Indian financials.

3 June 2019
View [China’s boost to urbanisation ] ChinaBoostAbstract

China’s boost to urbanisation

Urbanisation, a key driver of economic growth in China, is set to be boosted by a new government policy which will impact a vast range of sectors

30 May 2019
View [ALTU: The concept] ALTU story

ALTU: The concept

Asia’s role as an economic powerhouse is well established, so why does the stock market have such a chequered track record when it comes to delivering investment returns that reflect this growth?

29 May 2019
View [ALTU: Capturing future growth ] ALTU story

ALTU: Capturing future growth

Over the first decade of its life, ALTU has demonstrated its effectiveness but what is the scope for the region – and the strategy – to thrive in the future?

27 May 2019
View [ESG in Asia: An overview] ESG in summary

ESG in Asia: An overview

The wide diversity of ESG adoption and awareness in Asia is a crucial factor to consider both in terms of the risk and opportunity it presents.

22 May 2019
View [ESG in Asia: How we apply analysis] ESG analysis

ESG in Asia: How we apply analysis

The heterogeneous nature of ESG factors in Asia means that a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to ESG analysis is ineffective. Instead, we take an adaptive, principles-based approach.

21 May 2019