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View [European long/short outlook] European Long/Short outlook

European long/short outlook

Michael Browne and Steve Frost look back on what was a turbulent year for European equities and give their outlook for 2019.

Active Viewpoint 30 January 2019
View [The Outlook for 2019] 2019 Outlooks

The Outlook for 2019

Our portfolio managers look at what 2019 has in store for investors, the Good, the Bad and the Surprising.

Video 29 January 2019
View [How China's Greater Bay Area is 'Greater' for Real Assets] Greater Bay Area

How China's Greater Bay Area is 'Greater' for Real Assets

China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA) has seen phenomenal growth over the last 40 years. Now boasting two of the country’s largest megacities, it is a fantastic example of urbanisation and population growth in Asia – and provides some excellent opportunities for listed real asset companies.

Tales from the Road 28 January 2019
View [ESG Outlook 2019] ESG Outlook 2019

ESG Outlook 2019

Head of ESG and Stewardship David Sheasby outlines the key sustainability issues for investors in 2019.

Video 5 December 2018
View [Webinar: Emerging Markets, why they're worth it] GEMS webinar

Webinar: Emerging Markets, why they're worth it

Join Kim for a stimulating update on the drivers for EM and an insight on opportunities the Martin Currie EM team are focusing their efforts on to maximise performance prospects for clients.

Webinar 19 October 2018
View [The positive impact of ESG integration] The positive impact of ESG

The positive impact of ESG integration

In our view, the key aspects of stewardship should help to protect and grow our clients' capital, while also contributing to a healthier and more sustainable economic and financial system.

Active Viewpoint 25 September 2018
View [PRI in Person Conference 2018 Wrap Up] PRI Conference 2018 news

PRI in Person Conference 2018 Wrap Up

This year’s PRI-in-Person conference, which took place in San Francisco last week, was the largest PRI conference to date, with 1200 attendees representing asset owners, asset managers, consultants, service providers and NGOs.

19 September 2018
View [Understanding the impact of water scarcity ] IMPACT OF WATER SCARCITY

Understanding the impact of water scarcity

Water stress is one of the most serious, yet underappreciated, challenges the world faces, with direct impacts for businesses – and therefore investors.

Active Viewpoint 10 September 2018
View [Global Emerging Markets - Through the ESG Lens] GEMs through the ESG lens news

Global Emerging Markets - Through the ESG Lens

Emerging markets have made great strides when it comes to ESG over the years, and there is now a constellation of companies which can go head to head with their developed-market peers.

Active Viewpoint 7 September 2018
View [Putting theory into practice] ACCESSING THE˜TRUE VALUE OF ESG

Putting theory into practice

Analysis of ESG cannot be done by half measures. To gain a full understanding of how sustainability factors can impact a company’s future returns, they must be embedded throughout the entire investment process – from idea generation and stock research, to financial modelling and portfolio construction.

Active Viewpoint 7 September 2018
View [Tales from the road: Velocity of change in India & China] Velocity of change India and China

Tales from the road: Velocity of change in India & China

In both India and China, the speed of change is evident at almost every step and the rapid pace shows no sign of letting up. In both countries the foundations for further expansion are falling into place in terms of physical infrastructure and in the virtual domain.

Tales from the Road 30 August 2018
View [The value of ESG] The value of ESG

The value of ESG

With environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis fully embedded in our assessment of investee companies, we present the academic evidence on the value of corporate sustainability to businesses, investors and wider society.

Active Viewpoint 31 July 2018