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View [In defence of natural gas: an ESG perspective] MCAInDefenseOfGasAbstract

In defence of natural gas: an ESG perspective

by Will Baylis

Australia’s energy mix cannot consist of renewables alone, and we believe that natural gas has a role to play in the transition to a lower carbon future.

3 February 2020
View [Indian REITs are leveraged to country’s outsourcing potential] MCAIndianREITSAbstractb

Indian REITs are leveraged to country’s outsourcing potential

by Daniel Fitzgerald

Indian outsourcing leadership and its young, skilled work force, look attractive for ongoing commercial office demand. With a meaningful portion of commercial assets still held privately, we believe that the REIT opportunity set will continue to grow long-term as companies and governments look to recycle assets to fund new developments and projects.

3 February 2020
View [Can plastic packaging actually be sustainable?] PlasticsText1

Can plastic packaging actually be sustainable?

by Chris Schade

Plastic as a packaging material has a strong overall value proposition, but its sub-optimal end of life outcomes are a sustainability concern for consumers, brands, retailers and investors.

5 December 2019
View [How to engage in a sugar fix for developing markets] HowToEngageInASugarFixAbstract

How to engage in a sugar fix for developing markets

by Jim Power

We will, and do use our position as a large shareholder to engage with companies to bring about ESG change when we think it will protect and enhance the risk-adjusted return on our clients’ capital.

29 October 2019
View [Australian house prices set for a boost] AustralianHousePricesAbstract

Australian house prices set for a boost

by Matthew Davison

The impact of low cash rates, and the loosening of mortgage lending guidance has started to show up in house price data. My analysis of bank credit supply and demand suggests that the upward trend in house prices is set to continue.

4 October 2019
View [ESG challenges for investing in the modern age] ESG Challenges for investing in the modern age

ESG challenges for investing in the modern age

by Will Baylis

In this modern age of climate change and the ‘me-too’ movement, Environmental and Social factors have become increasingly important investment risk factors to consider. For our analysts, they have also been important discussion points with Australian companies during the August 2019 reporting season.

18 September 2019
View [Real assets: Empowered by Asian energy demand] RealAssetAsiaEnergyDemandAbstract

Real assets: Empowered by Asian energy demand

by Daniel Fitzgerald

Continued high growth in energy demand in the Asia Pacific ex Japan region should bring opportunities for listed real asset utilities.

16 September 2019
View [Investing in the ‘Real Asset’ Australian dream] RealAssetAbstract

Investing in the ‘Real Asset’ Australian dream

by Ashton Reid

While we’ve all experienced the frustrations of road congestion, that queue at the supermarket or indeed the rising cost of life’s necessities, there is a ‘Real’ way to ease the burden.

2 August 2019