Key Facts

Our portfolio of 20-30 stocks reflects high hurdles set for quality and valuation. Focusing on absolute risk, the team builds a deep fundamental understanding of the firms they invest in.

We build unconstrained, concentrated portfolios diversified by country, sector and business maturity. We seek to avoid the permanent erosion of capital by undertaking thorough due diligence on companies including our accounting diagnostic analysis – this proprietary analysis of overlooked data is repeated whenever new accounting data is published.

Portfolio characteristics Asia Long-Term Unconstrained
Benchmark Unconstrained
Performance objective Capture regional nominal GDP growth
Market capitalisation All-Cap
Forecast tracking error N/A
Sector/country allocations Unconstrained
Number of stocks 20-30
Maximum active stock weight 10% or 10% of company ownership
Portfolio turnover < 30% p.a.
Inception July 2008

The characteristics shown are guidelines only and not hard limits.