Martin Currie achieves top ESG rating for second year in a row

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assess responsible investment activities across the industry each year. Their review of 2017 has been published and Martin Currie has achieved A+ ratings for its responsible investment activities.

26 July 2018

For the second year running, the PRI has awarded Martin Currie an A+ (highest performance band) in all three of its top-level categories: ‘Strategy and Governance’, ‘Incorporation’ and ‘Active Ownership’. Additionally, across all sub categories, Martin Currie is in the top quartile of the investment manager peer group. Notably we are in the top 9% for Integration – confirmation that ESG is truly embedded in our investment process.

Our firm-wide commitment to stewardship and differentiated approach to ESG were vital to achieving the top ratings in each category:


Strategy and Governance

We firmly believe in strong internal policies, goals and transparency around our ESG activities; and in promoting best practice with peers, clients and policymakers. Living the values through the responsible management of our business is a critical aspect of this.



ESG analysis is fully embedded in our investment process, forming an integral part of the assessment of risks and opportunities, alongside traditional financial considerations. This is implemented directly by the portfolio managers, with oversight from our Head of Stewardship and ESG – an industry-leading expert.


Active Ownership

As stewards of our clients’ capital we take active ownership very seriously and will engage with companies when we have identified material ESG issues. In 2017, we participated in 19 collaborative engagement initiatives and 250 private ones. In addition, in April 2017, David Sheasby, Head of Stewardship and ESG at Martin Currie, was appointed to the PRI ESG Engagement Advisory Committee. His appointment was prompted by our extensive experience of engaging with investee companies.

David Sheasby, Martin Currie

David Sheasby

Head of Stewardship and ESG

‘Retaining our A+ PRI ratings is excellent news and validation of the time and effort invested in further developing our stewardship and ESG capabilities. In 2017, we employed a big-four consultancy to carry out a gap analysis on our ESG approach; built a new internal ESG hub and enhanced our internal training programme; promoted the merits of responsible investment at several global events and delivered bespoke ESG training to clients and consultants. All this was in addition to a busy year of company engagement and proxy voting. I am pleased to say this pace of progress is unwavering at Martin Currie.’

Results history

The table below provides a summary of Martin Currie’s PRI ratings and demonstrates the asset manager’s commitment to continuous improvement:

Strategy and
Incorporation Active
2018 (1 Jan 17 -
31 Dec 17)

2017 (1 Jan 16 -
31 Dec 16)
A+ A+ A+ Up
2016 (1 Jan 15 -
31 Dec 15)
A+ A+ Up A
2015 (1 Jan 14 -
31 Dec 14)
A+ Up A A
2014 (1 Jan 13 -
31 Dec 13)

A copy of the PRI Assessment is attached for your information. The PRI Transparency Report for Martin Currie and PRI Assessment Methodology are available to download from

Martin Currie PRI assessment 2018

Download PDF version of PRI Assesment report 2018

PRI Assesment report 2018
Martin Currie Investment Management

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