Key facts

The Martin Currie Asia Pacific strategy combines fundamental analysis, in-depth due diligence and rigorous peer challenge in order to identify the sound financials and strong governance that can generate healthy cashflows.

We build stock driven portfolios, where the risk is dominated by the stock choices we make and crucially, factor, thematic and macro risks are minimised. This plays to our strengths and is more resilient to market shocks, volatility and large factors swings, seeking to deliver sustainable returns to investors.

Portfolio characteristics Asia Pacific
Benchmark MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan
Long-term objectives Index +3% gross of fees over rolling three years
Market capitalisation All-Cap
Forecast tracking error 8% p.a.
Sector/country allocations As a result of stock selection managed within factor risk analysis
Number of stocks 40-60
Maximum active stock weight Index +5%
Portfolio turnover Circa 30% p.a.
Inception 14 February 1994

The characteristics shown are guidelines only and not hard limits.