Australia Dynamic Value strategy

The Martin Currie Australia Dynamic Value strategy seeks to provide the opportunity for investors to benefit from the variances in the value cycle, at the right time and with the right risk profile, and dynamically allocates across the Core and Value styles based on the prevailing value opportunity.

Martin Currie Australia is a leading innovator of active equity investment solutions, with over 35 years of history investing in Australian equities on behalf of both domestic and international clients.


Our approach is premised on the philosophy that the Australian equity market is efficient over the long term, with security prices ultimately reflecting the present value of future cash flows. 

However, in the short term, the market’s behavioural biases can create temporary mispricing and divergence from fair value that can be exploited by our disciplined investment process. 

We rely on our complementary fundamental and quantitative research, and our collective insights into the current investment landscape, to identify opportunities.


Risk balanced with expected market environment

  • Aims to provide better risk-adjusted return when the value opportunity is high, and consistent returns with lower risk when the opportunity is lower
  • Combines benefits of ‘style-neutral’ equities in our Core Equity strategy and our active Value Equity strategy in a single portfolio
  • Balances the risk of being under or overweight value or momentum for the appropriate market conditions

Transparent and cost-effective

  • Removes cost or delay required to appoint or terminate managers
  • Portfolio rebalances from direct equity holdings, with signals assessed monthly

Deep resources and insights

  • Captures in-depth fundamental and qualitative insights from MCA’s long-serving 18-member investment team

Forward looking insights drive security selection

  • Fundamental research assesses the value spread which directs the proprietary switching signal to determine target weights
  • Benefits from our collective insights into the current investment landscape
  • Looks through the short-term market noise with a focus on the long-term normalised earnings power of companies
  • ESG embedded into the investment process
  • Powerful combination of three different investment lenses – quality, value and direction – provides a broad perspective of security expected returns