Key facts

The Martin Currie Australia Property Securities strategy seeks to maximise expected returns for longer term investors by investing in a diversified portfolio of property securities and property-related securities which are trading below our assessment of intrinsic value, whilst considering each securities’ quality.

We combine our extensive fundamental research into long-term normalised earnings power, quantitative research and disciplined portfolio construction to produce a portfolio of undervalued property securities and property-related securities.

Portfolio characteristics Australia Property Securities
Benchmark S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT Accumulation index
Performance objective The strategy aims to earn an after fee return in excess of the S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT Accumulation Index over rolling three year periods
Investable universe Australian and Asian listed property and property-related equities/all-cap
Tracking error Typically 3% p.a. (ex ante)
Regional limits Up to 30% in non-ASX securities from Asia ex Japan (including New Zealand)
Sector limits None
Number of securities 15-35
Security limits Benchmark +6%
Portfolio turnover Typically 30% p.a.
Risk profile Medium
Inception 1 August 1988
Strategy insight Download Australia Property Securities Insight

The characteristics shown are guidelines only and not hard limits.