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View [Pressure on plastic] PressureonPlasticFeaturenew

Pressure on plastic

How are companies incorporating the ‘circular economy’ into their business models to cut out waste?

1 July 2019
View [Climate change - Identifying opportunity] IncomeClimateChangeAbstract

Climate change - Identifying opportunity

Within the next 30 years, global temperatures will be higher than human beings have ever experienced. Every investment decision now needs to account for the effects of climate-related change.

29 April 2019
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Year of questioning growth

Global macroeconomic data has deteriorated in recent months. The question for investors now is are we entering an economic recession? Or is this just a blip in activity.

21 March 2019
View [Green utilities under the radar] GreenEnergyAbstractnew

Green utilities under the radar

With demand for cleaner energy in the future, companies in the utilities sector have a huge part to play in the shift to greener power over the next few decades.

25 February 2019
View [End of Goldilocks period for US banks?] Europe's Goldilocks period

End of Goldilocks period for US banks?

The US banks have been an excellent place for income investors to be over the last three years but what has become clear in recent months is this is probably as good as it gets.

14 January 2019
View [Global Equity Income outlook 2019] Global Equity Income Outlook 2019

Global Equity Income outlook 2019

Head of Income Mark Whitehead and Portfolio Manager Laurie Lochtie discuss what will be the significant themes for income investors in 2019.

Video 5 December 2018
View [Driving is changing before our eyes] Electric cars

Driving is changing before our eyes

The way we drive is changing forever, due to major technological advances and a push towards greener forms of transport (particularly considering the latest dire warnings on climate change).

24 October 2018