Japan Alpha

Our highly experienced Japan team utilises a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis to build a high conviction, stock-driven portfolio that seeks to maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Strategy introduction

A good working knowledge of the global macro environment is a key component of investing in Japan, due to the importance of exports to earnings, the impact of non-Japanese investors on the market’s direction, and the yen’s role as a barometer of global risk appetite.

Observing prevailing trends at both a domestic and global level provides a strategic framework for portfolio construction and allows our team to deploy their stock-picking skills in areas where they have the greatest conviction.

The team conducts hundreds of meetings with senior management of Japanese companies, and interpolates information from meetings and many other sources to generate strong stock ideas. Our fundamental research allows us to identify companies with a strong or improving business proposition where we judge the balance between returns, growth and value to be attractive.

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About Japan Alpha strategy

About Japan Alpha

The strategy aims to take advantage of pricing inefficiencies in Japan to generate long-term outperformance..

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Martin Currie Japan Long/Short investment team

Investment Team

The Martin Currie Japan Alpha strategy is managed by Paul Smith and Christopher Taylor. Working alongside Paul Kirkby, they form our Japan equity team.

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Japan Alpha strategy

Key facts

The Martin Currie Japan Alpha strategy aims to generate long-term outperformance by investing in a high conviction portfolio of Japanese stocks, driven by fundamental research.

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