North America strategy

The Martin Currie North America strategy aims to exploit behavioural biases and generate consistent outperformance by investing in a stock focused portfolio of US and Canadian companies driven by fundamental research.


The US market is one of the most innovative markets in the world, boasting a disproportionate share of the world’s most enterprising businesses, offering a diverse range of investment opportunities and the world’s largest source of highly-rated global companies.

By harnessing the expertise and insight of a deeply resourced and experienced investment team, the strategy brings together the very best selection of Martin Currie’s North American investment ideas.

We aim to construct stock focused portfolios driven by fundamental research where risk is dominated by our high conviction stock choices and where macro, factor and thematic risks are minimised.


We believe that while North American markets react efficiently in the short-term, behavioural biases exist within company and sector analysis that can be exploited over the long-term.

With an investment universe of approximately 850 stocks the choice for our North American strategy is extensive. However, our bottom-up investment process, driven by fundamental research, enables us to identify attractively-valued companies with strong or improving fundamentals. Through rigorous stock selection and robust, balanced portfolio construction we believe it is possible to generate consistent outperformance over the long-term.


  • Access to many of the world’s best companies
  • High conviction, stock focused portfolio
  • Fully integrated governance and sustainability analysis