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COP26: A climate for change?

Martin Currie’s urgent call to action ahead of COP26 for governments, companies, and investors; NOW is the time for change and accelerated action.

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Date published
22 Oct 2021
David Sheasby Head of Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact
John Gilmore, CFA Portfolio Manager, Impact Equities/ Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact Specialist

Urgent action on climate change must be on the agenda for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

COP26 is taking place in November, and in the run up, governments and companies around the world have been stepping up commitments to combat global warming.

If COP26 is to be considered a success, then we need more specific action and a greater sense of urgency not just from governments, but also from companies and investors, that results in a tangible shift to the decarbonisation pathway of the wider economy.

We want to see COP26 set up a climate for real change, commitment and action from all players. In the following paper we set out what we want to see delivered by these stakeholders.

Read the full report here

COP26-Climate for Change

The evidence is clear – the collective response to the climate crisis has been inadequate and forceful action needs to be taken now.

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