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At Martin Currie, we believe we we can make a greater impact through partnering with the community.


At Martin Currie, people are at the heart of our business. This includes those throughout the wider community and we are proud to partner with other like-minded organisations, to better create positive impact and challenge the subtle prejudices of unconscious bias wherever they occur.

We are passionate about creating a supportive, diverse and inclusive working environment for our people. We believe this helps creates the best conditions for optimal decision making, enabling us to deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Should you wish to partner with Martin Currie, please reach out to us.

Our Partners

  • Black-Professional-Scotland

    Martin Currie have been working in partnership with Black Professionals Scotland since May 2022.

    BPS work with Scotland-based black minority ethnic professionals to help them build skills to grow their careers, as well as offering a support structure for school leavers & graduates who are looking to make their first steps into the workplace.

    Through establishing key partnerships with businesses across Scotland, BPS provide companies with access to their pool of talent and assist in the design of initiatives to attract & retain Black talent.

    Learn more

  • Black-Professional-Scotland

    In August 2022, Martin Currie partnered with Scottish charity Salvesen Mindroom on their Neuroinclusion at Work Programme.

    This government backed programme helps employers improve the experience of neurodivergent colleagues in the workplace through supporting employers to become more aware, informed, and empowered to take action to support neuroinclusivity in their workplaces.

    The programme is aiming to help up to one million workers with neurodivergence such as autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia by 2026.

    Learn more

  • Investment2020

    Investment 20/20 operate alongside the Investment Association to create trainee opportunities for a diverse pool of aspiring young professionals who are looking to take their first steps in the financial industry.

    Since their inception in 2013, Investment 20/20 have created in excess of 2,200 trainee opportunities for both graduates and school leavers. Martin Currie has been working with Investment 20/20 since 2020.

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  • Black-Professional-Scotland

    The Human Library is, in the true sense of the word, a library of people. They host events where readers can borrow human beings serving as open books and have conversations you would not normally have access to.

    Every human book from their bookshelf represents a group in our society that is often subjected to prejudice, stigmatization, or discrimination because of their lifestyle, diagnosis, belief, disability, social status, ethnic origin etc.

    The Human Library creates a safe space for dialogue where topics are discussed openly between our human books and you, as readers.

    Learn more

  • Black-Professional-Scotland

    Since June 2021 Martin Currie have partnered with Foundation Scotland, a charitable trust, who interact with and distribute funds raised to charities selected based on our criteria preferences.

    Updates are regularly circulated to the business on which charitable initiatives we have opted to support through Foundation Scotland, and everyone can get involved in nominating organisations for donations.

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  • Black-Professional-Scotland

    Future Asset is a Scottish Charity dedicated to informing girls about Investment Managment, enthusing them about potential careers in the industry, widening the talent pipeline, and increasing diversity in the industry.

    At Martin Currie, we have committed to providing mentors to teams of high-school girls participating in their annual Growing Future Assets Investment competition.

    Learn more

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Our work continues to evolve. We know that real cultural change like this can cause disruption or discomfort in the short term, but we’re willing to be open, honest and brave about making improvements to diversity at Martin Currie.

    Recognising the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, we began a business-wide consultation in 2018 to assess our current position at a grass roots level and to identify any barriers or opportunities.

    Insight from employee diversity surveys and drop-in sessions was used to create focussed project groups across areas such as maternity and families, disability inclusion, flexible working and career development.

    Find out more

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  • It Takes All Kinds of Minds (ITAKOM) 2023 Conference

    Partnering with neurodiversity charity Salvesen Mindroom, Martin Currie were proud sponsors of Rory Bremner’s Big Talk at the It Takes All Kinds of Minds (ITAKOM) conference.

    Date published
    4 Apr 2023
  • Tales from the road: Intrigued by India

    Portfolio Manager Aimee Truesdale recently conducted a research trip to India. Here, we outline her key observations around the exciting growth opportunities in India.

    Date published
    17 Mar 2023
    Global Emerging Markets
  • Black Professional's Scotland partnership with Martin Currie

    Martin Currie and Black Professionals Scotland working in partnership

    Earlier this year, Martin Currie announced its partnership with Black Professionals Scotland (BPS). Jennifer Mair, COO and Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Equality met with Enoch Adeyemi, CEO & Founder, Black Professionals Scotland, to discuss how both organisations would collaborate to tackle the diversity and inclusion challenges facing the financial services industry.

    Date published
    8 Aug 2022