Cyrenians – supporting people excluded from family, home, work or community on their life journey

For 50 years, Cyrenians has journeyed with people on the edge; working with people who are excluded from their family, home, work or community to transform their lives by beginning with their story, creating trusted relationships, helping them believe that they can change their lives, and walking with them as they lead the change they want to see. In recent years we have begun significant prevention work, supporting people towards life skills which reduce the chance of them becoming excluded again.

Our Vision is an inclusive society in which we all have the opportunities to live valued and fulfilled lives. We work to make that vision a reality through our Mission to support people excluded from family, home, work or community on their life journey.

We know that our approach is different. Our experience has given us a deep knowledge and understanding of the delicate and complex situations experienced by those who find themselves excluded. We believe that we all have a past, a present and a future and that everyone who comes to us brings with them their own unique experience.

  • Every £25 raised will pay for a monthly mediation session for a young person at risk of homelessness to sit down with their family in a safe space.
  • £250 would pay for five families in housing crisis to access support and advice at Christmas.
  • £500 would enable us to run an accredited learning course for all of the young people at our residential communities.

In the last 12 months 3,629 people have benefited from our support

Family and people. We believe in the importance of supporting individuals and families within their own communities to maintain happy and fulfilled lives and strong, nurturing relationships. While it is inevitable that conflict arises, if managed correctly, it can be limited, or channelled in a positive way. It is a staggering fact that every year 5,000 young people in Scotland become homeless due to relationship breakdown. Our Conflict Resolution Service is now widely recognised as the leader in Scotland and in the last 12 months has provided services for conflict resolution, mediation and support which has resulted in 140 young people staying at home, returning home or moving out in a planned way. 463 young people attended our conflict resolution workshops in schools

Home and Housing. Homelessness encompasses not just people living on the streets but also includes sleeping on a friend’s sofa, or living in overcrowded or unsanitary conditions. Homelessness is about more than a roof over your head. With help to explore and navigate options and access to the support and opportunities available, people can become far more settled and secure in their own home. In the last 12 months our Homelessness Prevention Service has supported 645 people to avoid homelessness. 352 people were supported in resolving financial problems which can play a major role in causing homelessness.

Work and Skills. The prospect of finding work can be a daunting experience for many people. Many factors come into play; lack of esteem and confidence, no permanent address, having a criminal record and just not knowing where to start. We support people from all over Scotland to move into work. By tackling barriers to employment and offering skills and training, we support people of all ages not only to find work but also to stay in employment and away from benefits. In the last 12 months we have assisted; 839 people to find employment, 99 people to find a work experience place, 186 people participated in training, 185 people achieved accredited qualification and 92 prospective employers worked with us to support people into work.

Community and Food. Our range of services help people to understand the benefits of growing, cooking and eating good food together. We know that it is as important to have someone to eat with as it is to have something to eat. At our Farm and Community Gardens people from all walks of life – community residents, hospital patients, staff, volunteers and visitors - can enjoy the process of growing and preparing food, getting their hands dirty and eating the fruits of their labour together. The Farm is a working Farm producing fruit, vegetables and eggs. It is also home to a community of vulnerable young people. The Community Gardens are open three days a week and anyone can volunteer on a drop-in basis. 

Our Good Food Depot is a bustling hive of activity with staff and volunteers working to sort out the surplus supermarket food that we receive and redistribute to 100 community organisations benefitting 18,000 people per month.