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View [China calling - Your guide to the largest mobile market in the world] China Calling

China calling - Your guide to the largest mobile market in the world

China is no longer a copycat economy. That's history. Accelerating growth, evolving technology and huge end user demand make telecoms and the internet key growth areas in the Chinese economy. In fact, many aspects of the technological innovation in China is leading the world. Welcome to the cutting edge.

News 18 May 2017
View [David Sheasby appointed to the PRI ESG Engagements Advisory Committee] David Sheasby

David Sheasby appointed to the PRI ESG Engagements Advisory Committee

David Sheasby, Head of Stewardship & ESG at Martin Currie, has been appointed to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) ESG Engagements Advisory Committee. Martin Currie’s extensive experience in engagement with investee companies, as well as the considerable work David has done in this area, prompted the PRI’s appointment.

19 April 2017
View [Performance update and proposed change to dividend policy] Asia Unconstrained Trust

Performance update and proposed change to dividend policy

Following feedback from shareholders, the board of Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained Investment Trust announces that it is initiating a policy of increasing the yield on the shares by introducing a distribution from capital to the dividend.

4 April 2017
View [Martin Currie top rated for stewardship] Governance and sustainability annual report

Martin Currie top rated for stewardship

Our Governance and Sustainability Annual Report 2017 is your chance to understand the depth of our approach, as well as the prevalent issues, corporate engagement and significant achievements of the last 12 months.

3 April 2017
View [Asia offers value amid uncertainty] AUT Asia offers value amid uncertainty

Asia offers value amid uncertainty

Could Asia be the investment story of 2017? After all, it’s growing, regional trade is strong and there’s value to be found – the perfect hunting ground for stock pickers.

News 9 February 2017
View [Half-yearly results announced] Asia Unconstrained Trust

Half-yearly results announced

Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained Trust has announced impressive results for the six month period ending 30 September 2016.

News 21 November 2016
View [PRI Award 'A+' rating for Governance and Sustainability] 'A+' Award for Governance and Sustainability

PRI Award 'A+' rating for Governance and Sustainability

We are delighted to announce the news that the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) have awarded us ‘A+’ for our approach to governance and sustainability for the second year running.

News 6 July 2016
View [Why tech is disruptive in Asia] Andrew Graham on Citywire:  Why tech is disruptive in Asia

Why tech is disruptive in Asia

There are powerful dynamics at play in Asia according to Andrew Graham. Watch his interview with Citywire.

Video 5 July 2016
View [Making sense of Brexit: Four market impacts ] Brexit

Making sense of Brexit: Four market impacts

Helping you understand the initial consequences of the Brexit referendum result. We are now one week on from the historic vote to leave the European Union (EU), a result which took many commentators – and markets – by surprise. While the exit process is likely to take some time, there have already been a number of financial market impacts making the headlines and it could be a confusing time.

News 1 July 2016
View [Webinar: Taming the Asian Tiger] Andrew Graham

Webinar: Taming the Asian Tiger

Can you capture Asian growth with less volatility? Portfolio Manager, Andrew Graham, outlines how his team find high quality Asian companies that he believes will grow in line with the region’s GDP - but will be less volatile that the regional market. Find out more about Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained Trust, a high conviction portfolio of 20-30 companies that have passed the team’s rigorous test, including a thorough ‘forensic accounting’ analysis.

Webinar 31 May 2016